The Denver Broncos defense proved to be the star of Super Bowl 50, sacking Cam Newton six times and making it tough for the Panthers to score.


While almost all of the pre-game attention for Super Bowl 50 focused on the two star-studded quarterbacks, it was the Denver Broncos defense that ended up ruling the day.

The Broncos came into the game ranked No. 1 in team defense in the NFL, and they showed why, surrendering just 10 points to the Carolina Panthers. The defense even helped the offense as the Broncos got their only touchdown of the first half from a forced fumble by linebacker Von Miller, who was named Super Bowl 50 MVP.

Denver's defense constantly put pressure on Cam Newton throughout the game, sacking the NFL's regular season MVP six times. Newton was still able to pick up some yardage, but the Panthers turned the ball over four times. The Broncos recovered three fumbles and added an interception.

The stalwart Broncos defense helped secure Peyton Manning's second Super Bowl win.


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The Denver Broncos' Defense Overshadows Both Quarterbacks in Super Bowl 50