2015 NFL Strength of Schedule
2015 NFL Strength of Schedule

Which NFL teams have the easiest and hardest schedules this season?

Here's a look at each team's 2015 NFL Strength of Schedule ranked from strongest to weakest based on their opponents winning percentage in 2014.


2015 NFL Strength of Schedule

  Opponent Games vs Teams Games vs 2013
Team Pct. W L T .500 or better Playoff Teams
Source: NFL
Pittsburgh Steelers.5781471072129
Cincinnati Bengals.5631441120127
San Francisco49ers.561143112199
Seattle Seahawks.5591421122109
Arizona Cardinals.5571421131107
St. Louis Rams.5531411141119
Kansas City Chiefs.5451391161117
Oakland Raiders.5451391161117
Cleveland Browns.5431381162129
Denver Broncos.5411381171117
Baltimore Ravens.5391371172117
Minnesota Vikings.5391381180107
Chicago Bears.5311361200107
Green Bay Packers.529135120197
Detroit Lions.527135121095
San Diego Chargers.5181321231107
Miami Dolphins.4921261300105
New York Jets.4881251310104
Buffalo Bills.4861241311105
New York Giants.479122133184
Washington Redskins.479122133174
New England Patriots.4771221340104
Philadelphia Eagles.475121134176
Dallas Cowboys.467119136174
Jacksonville Jaguars.463118137195
Tennessee Titans.436111144174
Carolina Panthers.434111145064
New Orleans Saints.430109145266
Tampa Bay Buccaneers.426108146244
Houston Texans.418106148275
Indianapolis Colts.416106149174
Atlanta Falcons.410104150254

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