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NFL 2011 - Chris Johnson Titanic Performance
Chris Johnson

A dynamic running back with breakaway speed, Tennessee Titans running back CHRIS JOHNSON has enjoyed one of the most prolific starts to a career in NFL history. The Pro Bowl running back has rushed for 4,598 yards, the third-most of any player through his first three seasons.

"Anything you can say about a top running back in the league, he has it, all of the attributes and more," says Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker KIRK MORRISON.

"You see a lot of running backs that always have their heads down and running extremely hard with determination and grit, but yet when you see him, it's almost effortless. Seeing his speed on the field, there is not one person in this league that can run as fast as Chris Johnson. He also has some strength that nobody really knows about. He can run you over."

Most Rushing Yards in First Three Seasons

Running Back Team 3 Year Rushing Yards
Source: NFL
Eric DickersonLos Angeles Rams1983-19855,147
Earl CampbellHouston Oilers1978-19805,081
Chris JohnsonTennessee2008-20104,598
LaDainian TomlinsonSan Diego2001-20034,564
Adrian PetersonMinnesota2007-20094,484


Chris Johnson, who was named the 2009 NFL Offensive Player of the Year by the Associated Press after becoming the sixth player in NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards (2,006), posted 1,364 rushing yards last season and became the 10th player in NFL history to reach 1,200 rushing yards in each of the first three seasons of his career.

"He's a huge threat at any point in time," says Indianapolis Colts head coach JIM CALDWELL. "He might run for five or six yards here and there and then all of a sudden he hits you with a 70-yarder. He's dangerous, not only from running it from scrimmage out of the backfield, but also screen passes and things of that nature. He can catch, he can run, he's very, very dangerous when he gets a seam."

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