NFL 2023 - NFL's Best Dual-Threat Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks across the NFL are attacking defenses with their legs more than ever before, as five quarterbacks rushed for at least 500 yards last season for the first time in league history.

Dual-threat quarterbacks are known for their ability to excel in both passing and running aspects of the game. They pose a unique challenge to opposing NFL defenses because they can extend plays with their legs, evade tacklers, and make throws on the run.

Characteristics of Dual-Threat Quarterbacks

    Running Ability

    Dual-threat quarterbacks are distinguished by their agility, speed, and ability to run with the football. They can make plays with their legs, whether through designed runs, scrambles, or option plays.

    Passing Proficiency

    While known for their running ability, dual-threat quarterbacks are also proficient passers. They can make accurate throws both from the pocket and while on the move.


    Dual-threat quarterbacks can adapt to different offensive schemes and strategies. They are comfortable in spread offenses, read-option systems, and traditional pro-style schemes.


    The NFL's best dual-threat quarterbacks possess excellent decision-making skills. They can quickly assess the defense, deciding whether to pass, run, or extend the play.


    Like all quarterbacks, dual-threat quarterbacks are expected to be leaders on and off the field. They often set the tone for their team's offense and are responsible for making calls and adjustments at the line of scrimmage.

Chicago's JUSTIN FIELDS (1,143 rushing yards), Baltimore's LAMAR JACKSON (764), Buffalo's JOSH ALLEN (762), Philadelphia's JALEN HURTS (760) and the New York Giants' DANIEL JONES (708) all had spectacular seasons running the ball.

JUSTIN FIELDS' 1,143 rushing yards were the second-most by a quarterback in a single season in NFL history. Fields surpassed 125 rushing yards in three games last season, the most-ever in a season by a quarterback, including a 178-yard rushing performance in Week 9, the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a regular-season game since at least 1940.

A large factor to Fields' historic rushing season in 2022 was the play of his offensive line. Since 2016, 10 teams and their offensive lines have provided at least three seconds for their quarterback to throw from the snap to the release of the ball (not including sacks), including two last season: Chicago at 3.07 seconds and Cleveland at 3.01 seconds.

The Bears had the third-highest average time to throw on drop backs (excluding sacks) over the past seven seasons, trailing only the 2021 Philadelphia Eagles (3.11) and 2016 Buffalo Bills (3.10).

LAMAR JACKSON is one of two quarterbacks all-time (Cam Newton) to record at least 500 rushing yards in each of his first five seasons. Jackson, who holds the record among quarterbacks for most career 100-yard rushing games (12), has 4,437 career rushing yards and along with Russell Wilson (4,966 rushing yards), can each join Michael Vick and Cam Newton as the only quarterbacks ever with at least 5,000 career rushing yards.

JALEN HURTS tied for second in the NFL with 13 rushing touchdowns in 2022, the second-most ever by a quarterback in a single season (Cam Newton - 14 rushing touchdowns in 2011). Hurts also recorded 10 rushing touchdowns in 2021 and became the first quarterback ever with at least 10 rushing touchdowns in consecutive seasons. He has eight career regular-season games with at least two rushing touchdowns, trailing only Cam Newton (10 games) for the most-ever by a quarterback.

In Super Bowl LVII, Hurts tied a Super Bowl record with three rushing touchdowns, while rushing for 70 yards, the most-ever by a quarterback in a Super Bowl. Hurts' five rushing touchdowns during the 2022 postseason set the all-time record by a quarterback in a single postseason.

JOSH ALLEN ranked third among quarterbacks with 762 rushing yards and tied for third with seven rushing touchdowns in 2022. He became the first quarterback in NFL history with at least six rushing touchdowns in five consecutive seasons. Allen's 38 career rushing touchdowns are tied for the fourth-most by a quarterback in NFL history, and Allen can continue to climb the ranks in 2023.

DANIEL JONES became the first Giants quarterback ever to rush for at least 500 yards in a season, while also setting the franchise record among quarterbacks with seven rushing touchdowns. Since 2020, Jones has four games with at least 90 rushing yards, the third-most among quarterbacks during that span, trailing only Jackson (eight games) and Fields (five).

Arizona's KYLER MURRAY enters the season with 2,204 career rushing yards and 23 career rushing touchdowns and is one of four quarterbacks ever with at least 2,000 rushing yards and 20 rushing touchdowns in his first four career seasons. With 296 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns in 2023, Murray will join Josh Allen and Cam Newton as the only quarterbacks ever with at least 2,500 rushing yards and 25 rushing touchdowns in their first five seasons.

NFL 2023 - NFL's Best Dual-Threat Quarterbacks this Season