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by Fitzgerald Cecilio

Louisville, KY

Louisville Cardinals coach Rick Pitino announced that Kevin Ware may be back on the court in October.

That will be a mere seven months after Warev gruesomely broke his leg in their Elite Eight game against Duke last March.

Pitino said the 20-year-old Ware's rehab has been encouraging, progressiing in recent weeks from riding a bike to taking shots in Louisville's practice gym.

"He's just riding the bike, and you can almost see from the X-rays the bone healing," Pitino said. "I'd say in another month he'll be healed and then he'll start working out a little bit."

Ware received nationwide fame over his misfortune, including appearances on morning talk shows and an invitation to the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Pitiono eventually led Louisville to its third national championship last season.

Ware provided speed and backcourt depth a year ago when he disrupted opposing backcourts by averaging over a steal per game in only 16.6 minutes per contest.

It's impossible to predict whether Ware's speed will ever be the same But even without Ware, Pitino would have a rotation at the 2 and 3 spots that include Russ Smith, Luke Hancock, Wayne Blackshear and Anton Gill.


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"Louisville Guard Kevin Ware Expected Back in October"




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