David Bowie was an iconic British musician, songwriter, and actor, widely regarded as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

He was born on January 8, 1947, in Brixton, London, and passed away on January 10, 2016, due to liver cancer.

Bowie's career spanned over five decades, during which he released 27 studio albums and numerous hit singles, including "Space Oddity," "Heroes," "Let's Dance," and "Fame." He was known for his innovative and experimental approach to music, as well as his constantly evolving image and style.

Bowie was also an accomplished actor, appearing in films such as "The Man Who Fell to Earth," "Labyrinth," and "The Prestige." Throughout his career, he was recognized with numerous awards, including multiple Grammy Awards and Brit Awards, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

Bowie's impact on popular culture and music continues to be felt today, and he remains an inspiration to countless musicians and artists around the world.

David Bowie Albums

David Bowie released 27 studio albums throughout his career.

    David Bowie (1967)

    Space Oddity (1969)

    The Man Who Sold the World (1970)

    Hunky Dory (1971)

    The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972)

    Aladdin Sane (1973)

    Pin Ups (1973)

    Diamond Dogs (1974)

    Young Americans (1975)

    Station to Station (1976)

    Low (1977)

    "Heroes" (1977)

    Lodger (1979)

    Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) (1980)

    Let's Dance (1983)

    Tonight (1984)

    Never Let Me Down (1987)

    Black Tie White Noise (1993)

    The Buddha of Suburbia (1993)

    Outside (1995)

    Earthling (1997)

    'Hours...' (1999)

    Heathen (2002)

    Reality (2003)

    The Next Day (2013)

    Blackstar (2016)

    No Plan (2017)

Each of Bowie's albums was marked by a unique and innovative approach to music, and his discography remains highly regarded as a reflection of his unparalleled creativity and vision.

David Bowie Top Songs

David Bowie was a legendary musician, singer, and songwriter known for his innovative style and contributions to the music industry. Here are some of his top songs:

    "Space Oddity"


    "Life on Mars?"


    "Ziggy Stardust"


    "Let's Dance"


    "Under Pressure" (with Queen)

    "Rebel Rebel"

    "Ashes to Ashes"

    "Young Americans"

    "Modern Love"

    "The Man Who Sold the World"

    "Golden Years"

David Bowie Grammy Awards

David Bowie won several Grammy Awards throughout his career. Here are some of his most notable wins:

    Best Short Form Music Video - "Jazzin' for Blue Jean" (1985)

    Best Music Video, Long Form - "Serious Moonlight" (1984)

    Best Music Video, Short Form - "Blue Jean" (1984)

    Best Male Rock Vocal Performance - "Blue Jean" (1984)

    Best Video Album - "David Bowie: Sound and Vision" (1989)

    Lifetime Achievement Award (2006)

Additionally, Bowie was nominated for several other Grammy Awards throughout his career, including Best Rock Performance, Best Alternative Music Album, and Album of the Year.

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