The Most Famous Band Formed Each Year Since 1951

The 1950s

From The Dave Brubeck Quartet to The Modern Jazz Quartet and the Miles Davis Quintet, the '50s were dominated by jazz bands. Dave Brubeck was considered to be one of the first cool jazz pianists, and Miles Davis is one of the most iconic jazz musicians to have ever lived. The end of the '50s showed a departure from jazz music. Pop group Bee Gees made their debut onto the music scene, along with one of the most popular and influential bands to this day, The Beatles, who received a Band Score of 99.51 out of 100. Their most popular song on Spotify is "Here Comes the Sun."

The 1950s were a pivotal time for the development of rock and roll and popular music in general. Many iconic bands and artists emerged during this decade. Here are some of the most famous bands formed in the 1950s:

    The Ames Brothers (1950)

    Known for their smooth vocal harmonies, The Ames Brothers had hits like "Rag Mop" and "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane."

    The Everly Brothers (1951)

    Don and Phil Everly became famous for their harmonious singing style and hits like "Bye Bye Love" and "Wake Up Little Susie."

    Little Richard and His Band (1951)

    Little Richard, with his high-energy performances and hits like "Tutti Frutti" and "Long Tall Sally," was a pioneer of rock and roll.

    Chuck Berry and His Band (1952)

    Chuck Berry is often considered one of the founding fathers of rock and roll, known for songs like "Johnny B. Goode" and "Roll Over Beethoven."

    The Chordettes (1952)

    This all-female vocal group gained fame with songs like "Mr. Sandman" and "Lollipop."

    The Platters (1953)

    This vocal group had a string of hits, including "Only You" and "The Great Pretender."

    The Drifters (1953)

    The Drifters had a rotating lineup of members but produced many influential hits, such as "Under the Boardwalk" and "Save the Last Dance for Me."

    Elvis Presley and The Blue Moon Boys (1954)

    Elvis Presley, along with guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black, formed the Blue Moon Boys and played a significant role in popularizing rock and roll.

    The Five Satins (1954)

    Best known for their doo-wop classic "In the Still of the Nite."

    The Coasters (1955)

    Known for their humorous and catchy songs, The Coasters had hits like "Yakety Yak" and "Charlie Brown."

    The Kingston Trio (1957)

    A folk group that helped popularize the folk music revival of the late 1950s and early 1960s with songs like "Tom Dooley."

    Buddy Holly and The Crickets (1957)

    Buddy Holly, along with the Crickets, made a lasting impact on rock and roll with songs like "That'll Be the Day" and "Peggy Sue."

The 1960s

The '60s were an incredible decade for music. Some of the most famous bands to date were formed. The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Who and Led Zeppelin all received Band Scores over 95, meaning that, despite the passage of time, they still remain relevant and popular. The most famous band formed in this decade is Pink Floyd. Formed in 1965, the psychedelic rock group rose to fame quickly. Their song "Wish You Were Here" has been played more than 9.9 million times on and is their most popular song on Spotify.

The 1960s were a transformative era for music, witnessing the rise of various influential bands across different genres. Here are some of the most famous bands formed in the 1960s:

    The Beatles (1960)

    Arguably the most famous band of all time, The Beatles, with members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, revolutionized popular music with their innovative songwriting and sound.

    The Beach Boys (1961)

    Led by Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys created harmonious pop music that celebrated the California lifestyle, with songs like "Good Vibrations" and "Surfin' USA."

    The Rolling Stones (1962)

    Known for their longevity and rock 'n' roll swagger, The Rolling Stones, led by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, produced numerous iconic hits.

    The Who (1964)

    Famous for their rock operas and anthems like "My Generation," The Who were pioneers of rock and influenced generations of musicians.

    The Byrds (1964)

    Famous for their folk-rock sound, The Byrds popularized the genre with songs like "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

    The Kinks (1964)

    With Ray Davies at the helm, The Kinks were known for their catchy British Invasion hits, including "You Really Got Me" and "Waterloo Sunset."

    The Velvet Underground (1964)

    Though not widely popular during their time, The Velvet Underground, led by Lou Reed, had a profound influence on alternative and indie rock.

    Pink Floyd (1965)

    Known for their progressive and psychedelic rock, Pink Floyd created groundbreaking albums like "The Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall."

    Pink Floyd's defining albums, such as "The Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall," were released in the 1970s.

    The Doors (1965)

    Fronted by Jim Morrison, The Doors were known for their poetic lyrics and hits like "Light My Fire" and "Riders on the Storm."

    The Grateful Dead (1965)

    Pioneers of the psychedelic rock and jam band scene, The Grateful Dead gained a massive following with their improvisational live performances.

    Cream (1966)

    Featuring Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker, Cream was a supergroup that blended blues and rock, producing classics like "White Room."

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1966)

    Guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix and his band redefined the possibilities of the electric guitar, leaving an indelible mark on rock music.

    Fleetwood Mac (1967)

    Fleetwood Mac underwent a significant lineup change in the mid-1970s, which led to the release of their highly successful album "Rumours."

    Led Zeppelin (1968)

    Led by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin pioneered hard rock and heavy metal, producing iconic tracks such as "Stairway to Heaven."

    Led Zeppelin (1968)

    Though they formed in the late 1960s, Led Zeppelin's most influential work came in the 1970s, making them a quintessential rock band of the decade.

The 1970s

The most famous bands formed in the '70s coincided with the rising popularity of rock music, as well as the beginning of the punk rock revolution. This era saw the birth of iconic rock bands The Eagles and AC/DC as well as punk rock group The Cure and heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Queen is the most famous band formed in this decade, with a Band Score of 99.55. The band's most popular track according to Spotify is "Bohemian Rhapsody" -- probably one of the only six-minute long songs that everybody knows the words to.

The 1970s witnessed the emergence of many famous bands across a wide range of musical genres. Here are some of the most famous bands that were formed in the 1970s:

    Queen (1970)

    Led by Freddie Mercury, Queen became one of the most iconic rock bands in history, known for their theatrical performances and hits like "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "We Will Rock You."

    Earth, Wind & Fire (1970)

    This funk and R&B band produced a string of hits in the 1970s, including "September" and "Shining Star."

    The Eagles (1971)

    The Eagles achieved immense success with their harmonious country-rock sound, producing hits like "Hotel California" and "Take It Easy."

    ABBA (1972)

    This Swedish pop group, consisting of Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, became a global sensation with songs like "Dancing Queen" and "Mamma Mia."

    AC/DC (1973)

    Known for their high-energy rock and iconic guitarist Angus Young, AC/DC became legends in the world of hard rock with songs like "Highway to Hell" and "Back in Black."

    KISS (1973)

    With their elaborate makeup and stage personas, KISS became famous for their glam and hard rock music, including hits like "Detroit Rock City" and "Rock and Roll All Nite."

    Ramones (1974)

    Often regarded as pioneers of punk rock, the Ramones had a significant impact on the punk music scene with their fast, simple songs.

    Talking Heads (1975)

    Known for their art rock and new wave sound, Talking Heads produced innovative music with songs like "Once in a Lifetime" and "Psycho Killer."

    U2 (1976)

    While technically formed in the late 1970s, U2's breakthrough and global recognition came in the 1980s. Their albums like "The Joshua Tree" solidified their status as one of the world's biggest rock bands.

    The Clash (1976)

    Another influential punk band, The Clash combined punk with elements of reggae and rock, creating politically charged music.

    The Cure (1976)

    While their formation dates back to the 1970s, The Cure achieved significant success in the 1980s, becoming known for their post-punk and gothic sound.

    The Police (1977)

    Led by Sting, The Police blended rock, punk, and reggae influences, achieving success with songs like "Roxanne" and "Every Breath You Take."

    Duran Duran (1978)

    Duran Duran's new wave and synth-pop sound made them famous with songs like "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Rio."

The 1980s

The '80s revealed a greater representation of American bands compared to the relative international dominance of the '70s. Iconic formations include: rock group Nirvana, punk rock group Green Day and heavy metal band Metallica. The most famous band formed in the '80s is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who received a Band score of 99.84. The Chili Peppers recently released their new album, "The Getaway" in June of this year. Their most popular song on Spotify is "Californication."

The 1980s saw the emergence of many famous bands across various music genres, reflecting the diverse musical landscape of the decade. Here are some of the most famous bands that were formed in the 1980s:

    Depeche Mode (1980)

    Depeche Mode played a pivotal role in the rise of electronic and synth-pop music, producing hits like "Just Can't Get Enough" and "Personal Jesus."

    R.E.M. (1980)

    This alternative rock band gained prominence in the 1980s and went on to become one of the most critically acclaimed and influential bands of the era.

    New Order (1980)

    Formed after the breakup of Joy Division, New Order became influential in the alternative dance and synth-pop genres.

    Metallica (1981)

    Metallica emerged as one of the pioneering bands in the heavy metal and thrash metal genres, with albums like "Master of Puppets" and "Ride the Lightning."

    The Beastie Boys (1981)

    These hip-hop pioneers blended rap and rock, gaining fame with their debut album "Licensed to Ill" and hits like "Fight for Your Right."

    Tears for Fears (1981)

    This synth-pop duo produced chart-topping hits such as "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" and "Shout."

    The Smiths (1982)

    Led by Morrissey and Johnny Marr, The Smiths were influential in the alternative rock and indie music scenes with songs like "This Charming Man" and "How Soon Is Now?"

    Whitney Houston (1983)

    Whitney Houston's incredible vocal talent made her one of the biggest pop stars of the 1980s with hits like "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" and "Greatest Love of All."

    Bon Jovi (1983)

    Known for their arena rock anthems, Bon Jovi achieved massive success in the 1980s with albums like "Slippery When Wet."

    Red Hot Chili Peppers (1983)

    The Chili Peppers achieved mainstream success in the '90s with albums like "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" and "Californication."

    Guns N' Roses (1985)

    Known for their hard rock sound and charismatic frontman Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses released the highly successful album "Appetite for Destruction" in the late 1980s.

    Radiohead (1985)

    Radiohead's formation predates the '90s, but they rose to prominence in the mid-'90s with groundbreaking albums like "OK Computer."

    No Doubt (1986)

    Fronted by Gwen Stefani, No Doubt gained popularity in the '90s with their ska and pop-infused rock, known for songs like "Don't Speak" and "Just a Girl."

    Green Day (1986)

    While Green Day formed in the 1980s, they enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the 2000s with their rock opera album "American Idiot."

    Nirvana (1987)

    While they gained massive popularity in the early '90s, Nirvana's formation predates the decade. They had a profound impact on the grunge movement and alternative rock, with iconic albums like "Nevermind."

    Blur (1988)

    Like Oasis, Blur was a prominent figure in the Britpop movement, releasing albums such as "Parklife" and "The Great Escape."

    Smashing Pumpkins (1988)

    Known for their alternative rock sound, Smashing Pumpkins released successful albums such as "Siamese Dream" and "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" in the '90s.

    Sublime (1988)

    Known for their fusion of punk, reggae, and ska, Sublime found success in the '90s with their self-titled album and songs like "What I Got."

    The Verve (1989)

    The Verve gained international recognition with their hit song "Bitter Sweet Symphony" in the late '90s.

The 1990s

Often associated with pop punk, teen-angst and the rise of alternative music, the '90s were the birthplace of several notable and mold-breaking bands. The Backstreet Boys broke onto the scene in 1993, and went on to become the best-selling boy band in history. The Gorillaz was one of the first famous virtual bands, meaning that each band member was completely animated. A few '90s bands have recently put out new music. Blink-182 just released a new album titled "California," and Radiohead recently released their new album titled "A Moon Shaped Pool." British rock band Coldplay is the most famous band formed in the '90s, with a Band Score of 99.2. Their most popular song on Spotify is "Hymn For the Weekend."

The 1990s were a dynamic and transformative period for music, with the emergence of various influential bands across different genres. Here are some of the most famous bands that were formed in the 1990s:

    Pearl Jam (1990)

    Part of the Seattle grunge scene, Pearl Jam became one of the most enduring bands of the era with albums like "Ten" and "Vs."

    Destiny's Child (1990)

    Originally formed as a girl group named Girl's Tyme, Destiny's Child achieved massive success in the late '90s and early 2000s with hits like "Say My Name."

    Oasis (1991)

    Led by brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, Oasis achieved immense success with their Britpop sound, including albums like "Definitely Maybe" and "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?"

    Rage Against the Machine (1991)

    Combining rock and hip-hop influences, RATM produced politically charged music and their eponymous debut album in the '90s.

    Hanson (1992)

    This pop-rock trio, consisting of brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, made a huge impact in the '90s with their hit song "MMMBop."

    Backstreet Boys (1993)

    This boy band became a worldwide sensation in the late '90s with hits like "I Want It That Way" and "Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)."

    Muse (1994)

    Muse, formed in the mid-'90s, gained international acclaim in the 2000s with their progressive and alternative rock sound.

    Coldplay (1996)

    Although the band formed in the late 1990s, Coldplay's breakthrough and their first album, "Parachutes," came in the early 2000s. They went on to become one of the world's biggest rock bands.

    Linkin Park (1996)

    Linkin Park's fusion of rock and rap gained immense popularity in the early 2000s, with albums like "Hybrid Theory."

    The Shins (1996)

    The Shins became known for their indie pop and rock sound, achieving recognition with albums like "Chutes Too Narrow."

    The White Stripes (1997)

    Led by Jack White and Meg White, The White Stripes gained fame in the 2000s for their garage rock sound and hits like "Seven Nation Army."

    Interpol (1997)

    This indie rock band found success in the 2000s with albums like "Turn on the Bright Lights."

    The Strokes (1998)

    Known for their garage and indie rock sound, The Strokes became a leading band in the early 2000s with albums like "Is This It."

    Kings of Leon (1999)

    While they formed in the late 1990s, Kings of Leon gained international recognition in the 2000s with albums like "Only by the Night."

The 2000s

The new millennium brought about a varied landscape of musical genres. From pop punk band Fall Out Boy, to Adam Levine's crooning pop group Maroon 5, to indie rock band Florence and the Machine and EDM duo LMFAO, famous bands were departing from the rock-heavy decades of the past. The most famous band formed in the 2000s is the alternative duo twenty one pilots, who received a Band Score of 99.19. The group most likely benefits here from its recent smash hits "Stressed Out" and "Ride," the former of which has more than 450 million plays on Spotify.

The 2000s brought forth a new wave of bands and artists across various genres, some of whom achieved significant fame and success during the decade. Here are some of the most famous bands and musical acts that were formed in the 2000s:

    The Killers (2001)

    Known for their synth-rock sound, The Killers achieved success in the mid-2000s with hits like "Mr. Brightside" and "Somebody Told Me."

    My Chemical Romance (2001)

    My Chemical Romance rose to fame in the mid-2000s with their emo and alternative rock music, including hits like "Welcome to the Black Parade."

    Fall Out Boy (2001)

    Fall Out Boy became prominent in the mid-2000s with their pop punk and emo-infused music, known for songs like "Sugar, We're Goin Down" and "Thnks fr th Mmrs."

    Arctic Monkeys (2002)

    This British indie rock band rose to prominence in the mid-2000s with their debut album "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not."

    The 1975 (2002)

    Although they formed in the early 2000s, The 1975's debut album in 2013 marked their rise to prominence in the indie rock and pop scene.

    Amy Winehouse (2003)

    Amy Winehouse's soulful voice and her album "Back to Black" made her a major musical figure in the mid-2000s.

    Ed Sheeran (2004)

    Ed Sheeran's music career began in the mid-2000s, but he became one of the biggest pop artists of the 2010s with hits like "Shape of You" and "Thinking Out Loud."

    Lana Del Rey (2005)

    Lana Del Rey's career began earlier, but she achieved mainstream success in the 2010s with her signature dreamy, retro-pop style.

    Vampire Weekend (2006)

    Although they formed in the mid-2000s, Vampire Weekend's albums in the 2010s, including "Modern Vampires of the City," garnered critical acclaim.

    Mumford & Sons (2007)

    Mumford & Sons' folk-rock sound gained popularity in the early 2010s, particularly with their album "Sigh No More."

    Tame Impala (2007)

    Tame Impala, led by Kevin Parker, became a prominent figure in psychedelic rock and pop music during the 2010s.

    Imagine Dragons (2008)

    While formed in the late 2000s, Imagine Dragons achieved massive success in the early 2010s with hits like "Radioactive" and "Demons."

    Twenty One Pilots (2009)

    This duo, consisting of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, gained widespread recognition for their genre-blending sound, combining elements of pop, rock, and hip-hop.

The 2010s

The 2010s saw the emergence of several famous bands and musical acts, reflecting the evolving landscape of the music industry. Here are some of the most famous bands and artists that were formed or gained prominence in the 2010s:

    Ariana Grande (2010)

    Ariana Grande, initially known for her acting career, transitioned into a successful pop music career in the 2010s with albums like "Thank U, Next" and "Sweetener."

    Bastille (2010)

    This British indie pop band achieved recognition in the early 2010s with their debut album "Bad Blood" and songs like "Pompeii."

    Lorde (2012)

    New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde gained international fame in the mid-2010s with her debut album "Pure Heroine" and hit single "Royals."

    Hozier (2013)

    Irish singer-songwriter Hozier broke through in the mid-2010s with his hit song "Take Me to Church."

    The Chainsmokers (2012)

    This electronic music duo gained massive popularity in the late 2010s with songs like "Closer" and "Don't Let Me Down."

    Billie Eilish (2015)

    Billie Eilish quickly rose to stardom in the late 2010s with her unique style and hits like "Bad Guy" and "Ocean Eyes."


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