Add an Awesome Soundtrack to Your Summer
Awesome Soundtrack

Every girl needs some good music to go along with her summer -- songs to jam on your earphones when you're lounging by the pool, skating or biking, and heading out on those looooooong family road trips.

Here are our picks for your summer soundtrack:

"All Day," Cody Simpson

This is the perfect laid-back, mid-tempo tune for days when you're hanging out without a care in the world. The fact that the voice behind the lyrics is cute Aussie Cody Simpson makes the track even better!

"Not Your Birthday," All Star Weekend

This super-fun jam -- sung by four hotties who are signed to the same label as the Jonas Brothers -- encourages everyone to turn a bad day around by partying just for the heck of it. It's impossible to not have a blast when this song is playing!

"Wait and See," Camryn

If you're plotting a major comeback for next school year, get amped with this high-energy track. Newcomer Camryn is proving that nothing can stop her success: Two of her songs are in the flick Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, and she recently toured with Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance!

"Boyfriend," Big Time Rush

What's better than a summer crush? Four of 'em! The cuties of Big Time Rush happily sing about how they want to be your BF with this upbeat tune. Snoop Dogg's rapping provides the perfect break from the catchy chorus.

"I Am," Ya Boy Ro

Roshon Fegan of "Shake It Up" is encouraging everyone to be true to themselves. This upbeat tune makes you want to sing it loud and sing it proud!

"Loser Like Me," "Glee" Cast

Actually, everyone's a winner here! The cast of the popular musical series belts out an original tune. When you need a personal pick-me-up, listen to this feisty track.

"Firework," Katy Perry

You've probably already had this one on your playlist for a while now, but it wasn't released until the end of last summer, so make it this season's anthem: "Ignite the light and let it shine. Just own the night like the Fourth of July!"

"Before It Explodes," Charice

Add a power ballad like this one to your playlist for those days when you just need to belt out an intense tune. Favorite "Glee" guest star Charice unleashes her strong vocals on these lyrics.

"Jealous," Jasmine V

If you've ever been frustrated by feelings of jealousy around your crush or boyfriend, you'll totally relate to this catchy song.

"We Could Be Anything," Nolan Sotillo

This breezy, romantic tune is from the guy who played Lucas Arnaz in Disney's Prom. The lyrics may perfectly express how you feel about that best guy friend you'd like to become something more. Nolan is currently filming the new Disney Channel series "Madison High."

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Add an Awesome Soundtrack to Your Summer

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