Spring Cleaning Storage Solutions
Spring Cleaning Storage Solutions

by Brian Ariotti

When we hear the words packing and unpacking, they're nearly always followed by a deep groan. Fortunately, when it comes to storing away your winter gear and breaking out your springtime supplies, there are ways to make this dismal chore a more pleasant process. Follow these tips to make your winter-to-spring transition a highly organized and efficient routine.

What to Store

First, decide which items you'll be able to survive without for the next nine months. Think winter coats and boots, space heaters, shovels, skis and other outdoor equipment. Remember, warm weather is just around the corner. Do you really want to climb over your snow blower every time you need to get something out of the shed? Put it in storage and use that space for your lawnmower.

Choosing Your Storage Space

Now that you have an idea of how much you'll be storing, it's time to decide where it's all going. If you have a decent-sized garage, a designated wall could do the trick. Otherwise, you might want to invest in a storage unit. Always go with a space slightly larger than you think you'll need to allow yourself room to move throughout the unit.

Packing Pointers

1. Pack your winter belongings in sturdy cardboard boxes or eco-friendly plastic containers. Although garbage bags are cheaper up front, they often rip and spawn mildew, costing you more money in the long run.

2. Wrap breakables in newspaper or bubble wrap for extra protection.

3. Always make sure to fill your boxes completely to avoid a collapse when stacking and storing. When you run out of items to fully fill a box, use packing peanuts.

4. Any gear too big for a box should be covered with a tarp to keep it safe from dust, scratches and moisture.

5. Lastly, label each and every box with a detailed inventory of contents; you'll thank yourself later.

Storage Setup

1. For starters, make sure your storage space is as clean as possible. Sweep the area and lay out a protective canvas so none of your gear is making direct contact with the floor.

2. Stack similar-sized boxes neatly against walls with labels facing outwards. If you're taking out boxes of spring-related items to bring home, try to swap out similar sized boxes and bins.

3. Oddly-shaped gear such as snow shovels can be stored in garbage cans or open bins to keep your storage space tidy.

4. If renting a storage unit, consider filling any open areas with additional items to get the most out of your space.

5. Finally, while filling your storage unit, make sure to leave an aisle or open space for easy access to your inventory next winter.


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