Plumbing Gadgets of the Future
Plumbing Gadgets of the Future

by Lauren Caster

At the 1933-34 World Fair in Chicago, the “toilet of the future” boasted a “2 1/2 inch passageway, larger than any other one-piece toilet!” That was probably pretty impressive at the time, but the real toilets of the future are self-cleaning, music-playing gadgets complete with heated seats and LED lighting. What are some other plumbing fixtures of the future? Read on for some of the smartest water devices on the market today.


The time of the programmable shower is now. Smart shower systems are pricy (as are many smart plumbing fixtures), at around $7,000, but their magic is undeniable. Watermark Design’s luxury shower system has a full-color digital touch screen that controls up to four outlets, water temperature, shower lighting and adjusts volume on your chosen audio device. Multiple members of your household can also save their preferred settings.

If you really love listening to music in the shower, but hate how it’s never loud enough, meet the Moxie Showerhead with Bluetooth ($129). This showerhead has a built-in speaker so the music literally comes through your water.


The Japanese know how to do toilets. The Neorest 700H is one of Toto’s many smart toilets, and this one uses electrolyzed water to clean both the toilet and, well, you know. It also has a built-in air purifier, heated seat and warm-air dryer. Oh, and a hands-free automatic flush. But don’t expect to pay less than $4,000 for one.

For a less intense, but still luxurious toilet, the UltraTouch heated seat will efficiently heat your seat up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit above room temperature. At a more reasonable $80, it’s also treated with an antimicrobial agent to resist the growth of bacteria, fungus and mold.


The Dyson Airblade Tap will not only wash your hands, but dry them too! The $1,900 faucet is equipped with a tiny powerful motor designed to dry your hands in about 15 seconds, using HEPA-filtered air.

Since the future is full of LED lights, you can also jazz up your sink experience with the Graff Ametis faucet, which has a light ring that glows red or blue to show you the temperature of the water. Starting at $1,500, the sleek chrome finish just makes it look that much cooler (blue light).


Some Whirlpool dishwashers are now equipped with their new 6th Sense Live technology, which connects to your Wi-Fi network to tell you when electricity consumption is cheapest during the day. It doesn’t require a smart electric meter, and at $949, these machines only cost slightly more than comparable machines. If you press the smart grid button before leaving the house, the dishwasher will automatically run when grid consumption is cheapest.

Your washing machine can also be controlled from a distance now, with LG’s new machines that can communicate with you via text. The “HomeChat” system will tell you what stage of washing your clothes are in, and the machine will give you a shout if you’re home and something goes wrong with the cycle. They’re being tested in Korea right now, and are expected to eventually make it to the states.


Lauren Caster is a New York City-based writer with a green thumb who has worked for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. In addition to tending to her massive balcony herb garden, she contributes to Brooklyn Exposed, writing articles about secret gardens and all things Brooklyn. She's also a ghostwriter, assisting business luminaries pen books on theory, strategy and management systems

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