Create Your Dream Bedroom
Create Your Dream Bedroom

by Aly Walansky

Turn your sleeping quarters into a romantic and luxurious getaway

Our bedroom is said to be our oasis -- the place where we relax, recharge, reconnect with our mate and feel our most sexy and at peace. It's in many ways the most important room in the house, but one that often gets cluttered or neglected, and feels anything but serene.

To help you bring calm back to your bedroom, we sought out some pointers from a place that always makes people feel blissfully at ease: a luxurious and well-appointed hotel.

Here, how to create that retreat-like, romantic environment within your own bedroom.

1. The most important piece is the bed

The quality of a mattress can make or break your sleep -- and is what you remember most about those amazing hotel rooms. "Does your mattress still feel right for you? When was the last time you bought one? Our bodies change and our needs for mattress and pillow firmness as well as even temperature control changes with it," says Sleepy's consultant Debi Silber.

To add a touch of luxury, make sure you buy a bed with a headboard and footboard. For a sumptuous boudoir effect, use a lot of soft pillows, and decorate in calming colors, like aqua. Avoid bold hues that can stimulate you before bedtime. Invest in the most luxurious bedding your budget can afford -- blankets and sheets that make you want to linger in bed a little longer.

Don't skimp on details. Hotel visitors notice small things like fresh linens, clean windows with open curtains and blinds, and fresh flowers. Re-create the atmosphere in the bedroom by lightly spritzing linens with a lightly fragranced linen spray. Clean windows with a vinegar solution for a streak-free shine, and bring in spring with a fresh floral bouquet.

2. A cluttered room is usually a sign of a cluttered mind

This is also true when dealing with d├ęcor. Never pile things around or under the bed. Store your winter sweaters under the guest room bed or in a closet. Likewise, keep magazines and other chaos off of your nightstand. Reserve that space for a lamp, bottle of water, and a good book. Your phone should be out of sight! A clean, organized space will do wonders to relieve stress.

3. Lighting is key

Illuminating your bedroom with a variety of light sources can make it feel romantic. In addition to an overhead light, use bedside lamps or wall sconces -- as well as strategically placed mirrors that reflect the light. Place a table lamp in a dark corner, or try something fun like salt rocks on your bedside table, which can create a soft, sexy glow and fill your room with restorative energy.

4. Soft music and essential oil fragrances

Lavender can be used to fill the air with a sensuous and relaxing spa feel. Remember, this is an area to restore and nourish our relationships and ourselves. Pairs of things are important, especially bedside tables. Some experts believe that placing similarly sized objects side by side helps manifest healthy relationships.

5. Watch your diet

What is the last thing you ate or drank before you went to bed? "Taste is even a factor - the last thing you ingest before bed should not involve too much sugar or spice! Perhaps consider sleep beverages or herbal teas -- cherry juice is touted to help sleep as well!" says Silber.

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