By Kathryn Weber

Bold Red done right Energizes a Room

The red in this painting becomes more noticeable because of the nearby red chair that positively pops against the neutral grays and whites

Fall fashion magazines are eagerly awaited each year because they show the new colors for the season. This year, one of fashion's color darlings is ruby red. This deep red is rich like a merlot, but any red is a good choice in interiors. Red is warm, inviting and vibrant, and it makes every space come alive. Using red well is an art that when done correctly makes the room feel energized and vibrant. Red is a color that stimulates any effect -- making modern more modern, traditional more traditional. And, as the old saying goes, every room needs a touch of red.

Getting red right

Finding the correct shade of red is not an easy task. Paint mixing has evolved, and red paint is now more reliable than it once was. However, shades of red may not always look the way you want them too once the paint goes from the can to the wall. This is where those small sample sizes come in handy. Buy several and paint large swatches on your wall to see how they look in your room and with your home's lighting. The one you think you'll love might be the shade of red you despise once it's on the wall.

Selecting the right red

When you see red set against other colors and not in a sea of red shades, you can begin to distinguish the true nature of that particular color. Be on the watch for the red you like in wrapping paper, greeting cards or the like. Then take that item to your paint store and have them duplicate the shade in a paint sample. You can even give it your own custom paint color name.

Of course, you may prefer to use red as an accent instead of painting a wall with it. Even so, finding just that right red hue is the challenge. Rather than looking at hundreds of paint chips at the paint store, where the colors seem to all run together, look for your favorite red in a scarf, an oriental rug or a piece of china.

Use red unexpectedly

Red is a wonderful color that's made to plod along in interiors by being, dare I say, overused, in certain rooms in the home? You know the red I'm talking about: the red dining room, the red foyer, the red living room, the red hallway. Red is the color of daring and excitement, so why not use it in an exciting way?

Red is just the kind of color that when used in a unique way will capture your attention and create a bold design shot in the arm. Try red in a boy's room instead of the same old blue, or in a mudroom, where it can cheer you up upon returning home on a rainy day. Or try red in a guest room. According to feng shui, red energizes, so using red in a guest room might keep guests from overstaying their welcome. If you just have to use red in the dining room, go for red accents such as a ruddy russet table runner, or re-cover your chairs with a sumptuous scarlet.

Red can rev up a tired home design, but make your bold new color choice stand out by using red in some new and different ways. The color will get noticed more, look even more smashing, and you'll clean up on compliments.

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