By Andrea Bell

Taboo The Black Eyed Peas star collects colorful, hand-crafted sneakers

Who doesn't want to walk in Taboo's shoes? When he's not globetrotting the world with fellow members of his band, Black Eyed Peas, enjoying his Pasadena, California casa with new wife Jaymie Dizon and hanging with celebrity friends including Bono, Taboo has time for his other true love -- shoes.

Jokingly referring to himself as the "OG Sneaker Pimp," Taboo's collection is rare, colorful and awe-inspiring, much like his rhyming skills. Sit back and relax as Taboo gives us a sneak peek into his coveted collection. Just try not to drool.

Q: What are the rarest shoes in your collection?

A: The hand-painted Obama Nikes I wore to the Democratic Convention; Hong Kong's, which less than 1,500 were made; Proverbs 8:28; Reptile Skin; and the Easter Basket Nikes. My LeBron James actually has real gold in the shoe. I never wear those, though!

Q: What is your most prized pair of sneakers?

A: That would be the new Taboo X Jumps, my own sneakers!

Q: Can you name one pair of shoes every man should own?

A: You have to have a pair of Jordan's. Preferably anything 1-10.

Q: Who would you swap sneaker collections with for a day?

A: DJ Clark Kent. He has kicks galore!

Q: Who or what inspired your personal taste?

A: Bruce Lee inspired me on the martial arts tip. Michael Jordan inspired me because his sneakers were the face of basketball. In a sense, you had to have Jordan's as a stamp of coolness, and it's still true today. Jordan's line has surpassed any other shoe as far as longevity. The Japanese inspire me, as well; their sense of style.

Q: One outfit you regret wearing?

A: The one I wore for the Super Bowl. It was a purple turtleneck, a metallic green jacket and some green pants with rhinestones on them. That shit was whack. It was a bad look.

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