By Kathryn Weber

The holiday season is the perfect time to stock up on dishes, glasses and cookware because of wide availability, large sets and great prices

The holiday season is the perfect time to stock up on dishes, glasses and cookware because of wide availability, large sets and great prices

The holidays mean lots of time spent in the kitchen preparing holiday meals, hosting get-togethers and working overtime baking and cooking.

It's a special time of year that's enjoyable but makes a lot of demands on our cookware and dishes.

That's what also makes it the perfect time to replace some of the kitchen items you use most during the holidays -- and take advantage of bargains. Here are some suggestions for restocking your kitchen:

Ditch old cookware

Pots and pans often take a beating, and if you've scratched nonstick pans, they should be replaced. Maybe you've always wanted a matching set of cookware. During December, there are terrific buys out there on cookware sets. Put a shiny new set on your gift list, or pick one up at a good price before you start cooking all those lavish holiday meals.

Entertain with flair

Because this is prime entertaining season, there are a wide variety of serving dishes to choose from now. From festive spreading knives to tiered appetizer stands, stock up to make your holiday meals and get-togethers more special.

Restock cutlery

You may have a fairy who steals the spoons out of your drawers or a mysterious gnome who snatches all your forks. But no matter how your cutlery disappears, now is a good time to buy large sets of cutlery at a good value. These large sets, with serving pieces, are terrific for large gatherings.

Match your glasses

Whether due to sheer clumsiness or dishwasher mishaps, glassware often gets chipped or broken, leaving you with hodgepodge of glasses. Start over and buy full sets, or fill in your existing sets with new glasses. Basic wine glasses are available by the dozen for entertaining and are a good buy.

Fill in dishware

Like glasses, dishes often get broken and chipped. If you have a lot of chipped dishes, toss them all and buy new. Some say eating off chipped dishes is bad luck, so why risk it at the New Year? Lots of sets are on sale, and in-stock china and dishware are often reduced this time of year. Better still, buying large sets of plain china means you won't have to serve guests a special meal on paper plates.

Whether it's placemats, dinner napkins, tablecloths or nice knives or serving ware you need, the holiday season is the best time to load up on all kinds of essentials. Give your kitchen a good once over and take stock of your cookware and serving needs. Then hit the mall and load up on bargains.


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