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Reynolds' calls the home’s distinctive look 'Meditoroccan,' a mix of Mediterranean and Moroccan
'Meditoroccan': MIX of Mediterranean and Moroccan.

Canadian-born Jillian Reynolds has carved a career out of being her madcap, unpredictable self, and viewers just can't get enough. Most known for her decade-long stint on Fox's "Good Day L.A." as their wild weather girl, feral fashion expert and all around celebrity correspondent, Reynolds is known for being a virtual Energizer Bunny. Her home life is far less rambunctious.

"I'm such a homebody!" Reynolds admits while giving us the tour of her sprawling 4,000-square-foot Tarzana, California, estate, complete with guesthouse and motorcycle garage.

Once you've seen the custom painted ceilings, the lush gardens (complete with multiple 25-foot trees) and the impressive shoe closet, leaving home seems trivial and boring. With a home like Reynolds', people should come to you. It wasn't always a place of serenity and Nirvana, quite the opposite.

"When I first purchased the house, it was a boring white box. I mean, just plain and uninteresting. I am an interior designer trapped in a talk show body, so my girlfriends and I set out to make this home a place of our own," she recalled.

Reynolds' dug in with ferocity, from landscape designing the grounds (buying and planting everything herself) to adding the archways and studwork on the cupboards.

"My girlfriends did help considerably. We painted walls, ceilings, and guest bathrooms. I hired some contractors to do the major construction items, but I had full creative license and wanted to go at it. I told everyone my vision and we went from there," says Reynolds.

Her vision was a unique and functional design style all her own.

"I call my style Meditoroccan. It's a mixture of Mediterranean and Moroccan," she notes. The Meditoroccan aesthetic includes dark, luscious woods infused with rich colors inside the home, while the landscape resembles a Grecian villa, a far cry from the overgrown mess the couldn't be called a yard when she purchased the home.

"It was like Armageddon back there! There were weeds taller than me and it was seriously a jungle," Reynolds says with a laugh. "My dear friend and I bought plants and trees. In fact, the tall trees you see in the back yard where planted by my friend while I was in New York doing the Howard Stern show. Now, they are almost 30 feet! It looks so different."

The addition of a beautiful custom designed pool, imported plants and fruit trees and intricate planters have transformed the property from a nightmare to a tropical paradise.

The opulence is not just reserved for just the grounds. A shoe-closet complete with leopard-print carpet and chandeliers could be the home's piece de resistance.

"I don't want to sound too girly, but the closet is definitely a plus. After 23 years of dressing myself on television, I have collected a ton of shoes!" says Reynolds.

These days, you're more likely to find Reynolds playing with her daughter, Ruby Raven, than spending hours drooling over her coveted shoe collection. Motherhood has transformed her life, more than her home.

"Everyone keeps talking about child-proofing the home. We are installing a gate for the pool, but other than that, she is always with us. We have such a comfortable life with her."

A bustling career, a beautiful home and a growing family, being a homebody never looked so glamorous.

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