By Kathryn Weber

Sensual Fall Bedroom Fixes Emphasize Easy Opulence

With the arrival of fall and dropping temperatures, we naturally turn toward more sumptuous surroundings that beckon us to snuggle up. Making a few quick changes can transition your bedroom from summer to fall with the focus on opulence and sensuous comfort.

Add the Midas touch

Gold is an omnipresent color in autumn, and in the bedroom, rich ochre and vermilion positively glow at night and lit by candlelight. Adding a coordinating palette of bronze can bring a muted, elegant richness to your decor. Paint a quick coat on the walls and look for comforters and pillows with sumptuous shades of vermeil. Another plus? Dark woods are positively decadent against a golden backdrop.

Dreamy comfort

To make bedtime TV watching, reading, or snuggling sweeter and more comfortable, consider switching to a padded headboard. The whole family can pile in for movie watching in bed when they can lean against the headboard. If this change is outside your budget, switch out standard pillows with large European squares to make sitting up in bed full of cushy enjoyment.

Without a doubt, one of the top comforts for crisp fall nights is a feather bed or wool topper that goes under the fitted sheet. Besides wonderful warmth, they add an extra layer of comfort and support. For some serious luxury, add a faux fur throw at the end of the bed to keep toes toasty and for something soft and sensual to curl up on.

Add sensory appeal

Dark, cold nights, flickering candles and a plush bed ooze sensuality and speak to our desires to connect and linger in bed. Rather than adding the fall standbys of jewel-toned florals and plaids, all definitely cozy, opt for sensual instead. Add a little sexiness to the bedroom with plush and elegant velvet and faux furs. Rich deep tones and lavish-feeling fabrics add an elegance and exotic sensuality that will beckon you to turn in early.

A small chandelier in place of a ceiling fan is a beautiful touch, but don't forget the dimmer switch. If you can't bear to replace the fan, try changing out the light kit with a chandelier light made for ceiling fans. To encourage sleeping in, add some sun blocking shades or shutters at the windows.

Be practical, too

Look for opportunities to beautify your bedroom, like taking out or updating mirrored closet doors and vertical blinds. Replace vertical blinds with curtains in rich fabrics, and layer with sheers for depth and more privacy. To update mirrored closet doors, try flipping them around and covering with fabric. A quick Web search will turn up a variety of DIY projects that can help soften up those large slabs of mirror and warm up your bedroom.

To define the bed and add some warmth under your feet, add an area rug. It's just what cold toes need during the winter months. Because you wear extra clothes, slippers and sweaters in winter, add a bench at the foot of the bed and slide baskets underneath to hold all those extra items.


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