By Lisa Siglag

Installing vinyl tiles takes only a few hours and is relatively inexpensive, generally costing from $30 to $100, depending on the size of your space. You can peel and stick vinyl floor tiles over a subfloor or right over an existing floor.


Floor cleaner


Self-adhesive vinyl tile

Measuring tape


Brown kraft paper



Utility knife

Rolling pin

Metal ruler


Cutting surface

Vinyl Tiles Installation Instructions

1. Clean the surface.

Use a floor cleaner and mop to remove dust and dirt particles from the existing floor or subfloor. Allow surface to dry thoroughly.

2. Find the center of your room.

Divide your room in half and mark it with a chalk line. This will be your starting point for the vinyl floor tile application.

3. Lay out the vinyl floor tiles.

Place a few rows of vinyl floor tiles down without peeling off the back yet to make sure they are straight and to see how they will fit. Peel-and-stick tiles have arrows on the back; these should go in the same direction for each vinyl floor tile you install to ensure a tight fit.

4. Start sticking.

Install the vinyl floor tiles one tile at a time by removing the backing and pressing the vinyl tiles down firmly.

5. Create templates.

Use brown kraft paper to make templates for the spaces next to the walls and cabinetry as well as for the shapes of objects such as toilets or sinks. Trace the areas with a pencil, then cut out the templates with scissors. Place the template on top of the tiles as a guide. Use a utility knife to make cuts. For edges, use your metal ruler to make straight lines.

6, Finish it off.

Flatten the installed vinyl floor tiles with a rolling pin. Then, caulk the edges to protect against water damage.

Helpful Hints

Hide imperfections

When you cut the edges of the vinyl floor tiles, place the cut side toward a wall or cabinet. This will help to hide any cuts that are not perfect.

Save your receipt

Many stores allow you to return any unused tiles for a refund or credit.

Lisa Siglag is the former editor of House Beautiful Kitchens and Baths and a freelance writer specializing in home design. She has written for Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful Home Remodeling and Decorating, Custom Home and Country Living. Her dining room is graced with white beadboard and pale-blue walls.

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