By Anna Curtis

Hardin's home is filled with light and rich colors

She might play an unbalanced homemaker -- Jan -- on the hit TV show "The Office," but Texas-born actress Melora Hardin is a multitasking, uber-talented mother-of-two who very artfully creates a warm, inviting home for her real-life hubby and daughters.

The part of her house that captures her heart every single time?

"The living room," Hardin says of the expansive area -- and we can see why. The space is flooded with natural light, complete with a gorgeous ceiling hand-painted in 1928, original tile decoratively lighting the fireplace, and a huge, gothic window at the end of the room.

"It feels so warm and friendly to me, with such history and stories to tell," she says, pointing out the quaint alcoves where she displays her father's art -- beautiful, unique bones sculptures. "I love that kind of personality in a home."

If people aren't nestled on the living room couch, they're certainly mingling in the kitchen, or outside on the patio, on warm summer evenings, "enjoying good food, wine and conversation," she says.

Hardin is quick to credit her parents for helping shape her style.

"They made every home we ever lived in feel like a castle," she says. "My mom is outgoing and gregarious and has brought warmth and a go-getter spirit into my life," she says. "My dad is more reserved and an amazingly versatile artist, actor, sculptor -- a maker of anything!"

It's obvious Hardin's home is a lot like her, bright, happy and bursting with personality. This year, she will star in the feature film "Knucklehead," and just released her first music CD, "All The Way To Mars."

"It's in stores already, and available on iTunes and," she says. "I'm so excited for it!"

Q: What's new at "The Office"?

A: They tell me that my character, Jan, will come back sometime this season, and I can't wait to see what hilarious circumstance they might put her in.

Q: What's your color inspiration -- vibrant and pop, or cool and serene?

A: I like clean, neutral colors (whites and earth tones) mixed with vibrant, bright colors and rich, deep colors.

Q: What type of design/style intrigues the architect in you?

A: I've always loved Spanish-California architecture, which feels very homey and inviting to me. I love most of the older Victorians, craftsman and bungalow homes, too, but I also adore warm, modern spaces that are open and saturated with sunlight.

Q: If you had to flee your home at a moment's notice -- but your family was safe -- what one item would you stop to save, no matter what?

A: My computer, because it has all our family pictures and videos, my music, song ideas, writings and personal contacts on it.

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

A: Five thousand arms and legs so I could do many, many things at once!

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