Improve Your Sleep Tonight with These 6 Simple Steps
Improve Your Sleep Tonight with These 6 Simple Steps

by Kim Anthony

If you're desperate for more zzz's, check out these easy ways to get more shut eye.

Operating on lack of sleep can be frustrating. Many people report having trouble falling asleep. Getting a good night's rest becomes especially difficult when you spend most of the night struggling to get some z's. Here are some simple ways to make the most of your sleep and maximize your bedtime hours.

1. Skip heavy meals

Avoid eating heavier meals especially close to bedtime. Experts report that heavier meals are harder to digest and can interfere with your sleep. They also suggest taking it easy on the spicy, fried and acidic foods which are a common cause for digestive problems.

2. Hop in the tub

Taking a bath right before bedtime is an easy way to release muscle tension inviting a sound sleep. A hot bath causes your body temperature to rise and drop when you get out. The decrease in temperature messages the brain and prompts it to release melatonin. Try adding lavendar bubble bath which will help you relax and help the water to maintain its heat.

3. Set the mood

Creating a peaceful environment is an effective way to improve. Clearing the room of anxiety and stress promoting clutter, maintaining cooler temperatures, and closing drapes or shades all have sleep inducing properties. Something as simple as dressing lightly can make a significant change in your sleep patterns.

4. Write before you rest

People often get preoccupied with thoughts of work, to-do-lists, ideas, issues and anything else that has been on their mind, while trying to go to sleep. For some, turning their brains off becomes an arduous task. Experts recommend writing these thoughts down and revisiting them when you're awake. Put those pesky thoughts under your pillow and get ready for those ever-so-sweet dreams to come your way.

5. Power down

Lighting Research Center studies support that 2-hour exposure to light from self-luminous backlit devices such as tablets, smartphones, e-readers, televisions and computers are proven to suppress sleep-inducing melatonin by little over 20%. Shutting down those electronic devices early may help to clear the mind and relax the body. Replace it with a little yoga or meditation….ohm.

6. Bring the noise!

The white noise that is. White noises drown out background distractions, such as street traffic or snoring. Something as simple as turning on the washing machine or dishwasher can have you well on your way to REM. You can also try a Brookstone Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System or HoMedic Sound Spa.


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