Burger King's Fattiest Menu Items
Burger King's Fattiest Menu Items

by Sabrina Perry

Using data from ESHA and the Burger King Website, the experts at HealthGrove found the 25 most fatty items on the menu.

With a name like Burger King, it's clear that this fast-food chain was never gunning for the spot of America's healthiest eatery.

Though burgers may be their claim to fame, since its inception in 1953 the menu has evolved to include various other options, such as chicken nuggets and breakfast sandwiches.

Over the years, Burger King has repeatedly changed strategy and menu selection as the company strove to keep pace with changing customer tastes. Unfortunately for them, this hasn't always been successful.

Variety might be the spice of life, but in Burger King's case, the underlying offering of most items has been the same -- high levels of fat and sodium.

First, Burger King turned to its male-dominated audience. From 2002 to 2010, in an attempt to appeal to these young men, the chain started creating larger products that frequently contained unhealthy amounts of fat (the daily recommended amount is around 65 grams). With an increasingly competitive burger market and the growth of a more health-conscious consumer base, this ended up hurting them financially.

Later, after the 2008 recession, they did particularly poorly when McDonald's effectively targeted the health-conscious audience with their McCafe line of food and Burger King failed to capitalize on this new market. Since 2012, though, it has expanded its marketing and production efforts to target a more diverse demographic.

Despite the shift, their menu is still chock-full of fatty items. Using data from ESHA and the Burger King website, the experts at HealthGrove, health data and visualization site from Graphiq, found the 25 most fatty items on the Burger King menu.


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