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Hypnotherapy Smoothes Out Fears of Childbirth

Hynotherapy gives pregnant women powerful suggestions, helping them handle the pain of labor and even enjoy the experience

Bring up the words "labor" or "childbirth" for a pregnant woman and you're sure to be met with a look of anxiety or even panic. Most American women fear childbirth due to the anticipation of extreme pain. Women learn about this pain early in life through stories passed down from mothers, aunts, sisters and friends. Movies and TV shows reinforce the idea.

Due to this negative conditioning, a majority of women don't look forward to birth. Fear usually overrides their other emotions and as a result, most women immediately choose to accept pain medication during delivery. But could there be another solution?

For some women, the alternative to a fear-based birth that includes pain medications and frequent interventions is natural labor assisted by hypnosis. Hypnotherapy -- also used for other conditions -- is gaining popularity as an essential tool for women who want a different and more natural experience of childbirth.

Hypnotherapy works by relaxing an individual's conscious mind to the point whereby powerful and positive suggestions are able to be fed to the subconscious mind, which, many believe, accounts for close to 90 percent of our behavior and responses.

Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy does not leave the client vulnerable or defenseless in the hands of the hypnotherapist. Rather, the participant is completely alert and conscious of everything going on; the person is simply guided into a process that allows his/her mind to register new and more positive thoughts and beliefs related to their goal.

In the case of childbirth, women are given powerful suggestions allowing them to accept the possibility that they can handle the pain of labor and even -- believe it or not! -- enjoy the experience.

Hypnotherapy has assisted thousands of women in having better, more pleasant labors. It does so by assisting with the following:

Decreases total labor time.

Increases comfort and mobility.

Decreases fear and anxiety.

Decreases the experience of pain.

Decreases the need for pain medication.

Increases a woman's confidence in her ability to birth.

Facilitates the proper positioning of the baby in the uterus.

Allows for a calm and peaceful birthing environment.

Can increase the release of pain-reducing endorphins in a woman.

Improves the total experience or perception of birth for a mother, which has residual benefits for both her health and the health of her baby.

For women interested in using hypnotherapy for childbirth, it's recommended that they consult a practitioner specializing in pregnancy and delivery. As opposed to general hypnotherapists, those with a specialty in childbirth can coach a mom-to-be through the right choice of suggestions to make delivery a good experience.

Hypnotherapy is generally recommended after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and in some cases, a few sessions may be necessary to break through deep-seated fears a woman may have. In other instances, the hypnotherapist may record your personal session and encourage you to listen to it throughout the remainder of your pregnancy just before sleep to reinforce the suggestions.

For those moms wishing to experience a more natural experience of birth -- one that allows them to welcome their child into the world in a peaceful and loving way -- hypnotherapy can aid them in the process.


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