Maggie Spilner

Get Moving With a New Fitness Gadget

Need a little help getting motivated to exercise? Here are three new tools that will help keep your workout fun and fresh all winter long and beyond. 

Nike + Sport Band

This bracelet-shaped device that you wear while running or walking communicates with a sensor in your sneaker to track your distance, pace, calories burned and time.

Why I love it:

It’s simple to use, readable, affordable and sturdy. Plus, I can download my workouts to online charts and access Nike’s motivational community boards.

Where to find it: Nike + SportBand

Bodylastic Strength Bands

These stretchy tubes with handles can exercise every possible body part.

Why I love them:

Last year I paid for a 12-month gym membership even though I knew that, come spring, I'd prefer to exercise outside. So this year I’m opting for this low-cost home gym. Bonus: I never have to wait for a machine or waste gas money. And I enjoy the daily live streaming workouts online.

Where to find it: Bodylastics Resistance Bands

The Gruve

Even if you do exercise, a sedentary job can take a heavy toll on your overall activity level. This clip-on device tracks your daily activity and creates a gentle vibration that reminds you to get up and move, bringing your metabolism back from the brink of hibernation (where it can go if you sit still for more than a mere 40 minutes). Online charts track hourly activity levels and update doable weekly goals.

Why I love it:

It kept me active even when I broke my ankle and had to wear a walking cast!

Where to find it: The Gruve Personal Activity Monitor


Maggie Spilner is the author of three books on walking for health and fitness including the Complete Book of Walking and was Prevention magazine's walking editor and club director for 17 years.


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