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4 New Workout Routines for All Fitness Levels


No matter how big a fitness buff you might be, sticking with the same workout routine week after week can turn exercise into a chore. Re-energize your workout with one of these new calorie-blasting fitness trends so you can stay.

New Workout Routine 1: Hula Hooping

Perfect for: Kids at heart, who don't want to feel like they're working out

Hula- hooping might sound like fun, but it's also a great way to get your heart pumping: According to a recent study, hula-hoop workouts burn 210 calories in just half an hour (that's about the same number of calories per minute that you'd torch in a boot camp class). Any hoop works -- even the one collecting dust in your garage right now.

Try it out:

Sample a hula-hooping class (Gold's Gym offers them) or buy Jane Fonda's Workout: Cardio Hoop with Kamala Mathis for a hoop and DVD routine you can use at home.

New Workout Routine 2: Urban Rebounding

Perfect for: High-energy types who dislike high-impact activities

Another new workout trend that feels more like fun than fitness is urban rebounding, during which you bounce on a mini-trampoline to work all of the major muscle groups, improve balance and burn calories. The martial arts-inspired routine was developed more than 30 years ago as a low-impact exercise for use in rehabilitative centers, but urban rebounding is now picking up speed in the mainstream.

Try it out:

Gyms nationwide such as Bally Total Fitness and Equinox offer classes.

New Workout Routine 3: Kettlebells

Perfect for: Those who want to tone up fast -- and are willing to work for it

You've probably heard of kettlebells, the cannonball-shaped weights that come with handles attached so you can swing them as you lift. However, if you're not using them in your workout, you're missing out on an opportunity to sculpt a beautiful bod in record time. The weights have been shown to incinerate about 20 calories a minute -- that's what you would burn if you were running six-minute miles. The key is to use the kettlebells for interval training with total-body movements.

Try it out:

If your gym doesn't have a designated kettlebell class, hire a personal trainer for one session to learn moves you can incorporate into your solo routine.

New Workout Routine 4: TRX

Perfect for: Serious exercisers looking to test themselves with a tougher workout

TRX tools were developed to help Navy SEALS achieve several fitness goals at once: improved strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Now, the anchored suspension bands, which use gravity and your own body weight to give you a great workout, are popping up at gyms across the country.

Try it out:

Crunch has several classes that use the equipment, and we've also spotted TRX equipment at some Gold's Gym and 24 Hour Fitness locations.


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