Looking to crush your longest golf drive of the season? Who better to learn from than two-time World Long Drive champion Joe Miller.



Hitting a perfect long drive in golf requires a combination of technique, power, and efficiency. Here are some tips to help you achieve maximum distance with your drives

1. Proper Setup

Align your feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to the target line.

Position the ball forward in your stance, close to your lead foot (left foot for right-handed golfers).

Tilt your spine slightly away from the target, creating a positive angle of attack.

2. Grip and Hand Position

Hold the club with a relaxed and neutral grip.

Allow your wrists to hinge naturally during the backswing, creating a wide arc.

3. Backswing

Initiate the backswing by turning your shoulders, allowing your hips to rotate.

Maintain a one-piece takeaway, keeping the clubhead low to the ground and on the proper swing plane.

4. Transition and Downswing

Start the downswing by shifting your weight onto your lead foot while initiating a hip rotation.

Feel the transition from the top of the backswing to a powerful downswing.

5. Hip and Torso Rotation

Generate power by utilizing your hips and torso in the downswing. Uncoil your body for maximum energy transfer.

6. Lag and Release

Maintain lag in your wrists until just before impact, then release the clubhead for maximum speed.

The release should feel natural and unhurried, allowing the club to whip through the ball.

7. Impact Position

Strike the ball on the upswing, just before the club reaches the lowest point of its arc.

Maintain a square clubface at impact to control direction and reduce sidespin.

8. Follow-Through

Complete your swing with a full and balanced finish.

Allow your body to rotate, and the club to swing around your body.

9. Fitness and Flexibility

Develop strength and flexibility in your core, hips, and shoulders through fitness exercises.

A well-conditioned body can help generate more power and consistency in your swing.

10. Equipment

Ensure your driver is properly fitted for your swing and body type.

Consider a driver with a higher loft if you struggle to consistently hit the ball with an upward angle of attack.

11. Mental Approach

Visualize a smooth and powerful swing before addressing the ball.

Stay confident and focused on executing your technique.

12. Practice and Patience

Regularly practice your drives to refine your technique and develop consistency.

It takes time to achieve a perfect long drive; focus on gradual improvement.

Hitting a perfect long drive is a combination of technique, timing, and physical conditioning. Focus on developing a balanced and powerful swing that maximizes energy transfer and promotes a high launch angle. With practice and dedication, you'll improve your driving distance and accuracy over time.


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"Tips for a Perfect Long Drive"