In this instructional golf video, If you're sweeping your three wood, you're doing it all wrong. Jason Guss shows you how to fix this common mistake so you can start bombing 3-woods and hitting par 5s in under 2



Hitting grounders with fairway woods can be frustrating, but with the right adjustments to your setup, swing, and technique, you can improve your ball-striking and achieve better results. Here are some tips to help you stop hitting grounders with fairway woods:

1. Ball Position

Ensure the ball is positioned forward in your stance, closer to your lead foot (left foot for right-handed golfers). This promotes a sweeping strike instead of a descending blow.

2. Tee Height

Use a tee to elevate the ball slightly above the ground. This can help you strike the ball on the upswing and prevent hitting it fat.

3. Angle of Attack

Focus on hitting the ball with a shallow angle of attack. Imagine brushing the grass after making contact with the ball. Avoid a steep, downward strike.

4. Weight Distribution

Shift your weight slightly onto your lead foot during the downswing. This promotes a more level strike and helps prevent hitting the ground before the ball.

5. Swing Width

Maintain a wide swing arc. Keep your arms extended throughout the swing to ensure you're making contact with the ball before the ground.

6. Smooth Transition

Avoid abrupt transitions in your swing. Maintain a smooth tempo from backswing to downswing, allowing your body to rotate through impact.

7. Body Rotation

Rotate your hips and shoulders through the swing, allowing your body to clear out of the way and create room for the clubhead to approach the ball cleanly.

8. Posture

Maintain a proper spine angle at address and throughout the swing. Keep your upper body tilted slightly away from the target, which helps create the necessary angle of attack.

9. Club Selection

Choose the right club for the shot. If you find yourself consistently hitting grounders with a particular fairway wood, consider using a different club with a higher loft.

10. Practice Drills

Use alignment sticks or clubs to create a gate slightly in front of the ball. Practice swinging through the gate without hitting it. This helps you focus on making clean contact with the ball.

11. Professional Instruction

Consider taking lessons with a golf instructor who can provide personalized guidance and help identify any swing faults that may be causing grounders.

12. Video Analysis

Record your swing from different angles and review the footage to identify any flaws in your technique. This can provide valuable insights for improvement.

Remember that consistency comes with practice and making gradual adjustments to your swing mechanics. Work on these tips during your practice sessions, and focus on developing a smooth, controlled swing that allows you to make solid contact with your fairway woods.


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"How to Stop Hitting Grounders with Fairway Woods"