Commitment is not a word that a lot of guys want to hear, but for anyone who wants to hit a flop shot, you have to commit. Here's how to master the flop shot like Phil Mickelson.



A flop shot is a high, soft shot that can be useful when you need to hit the ball over an obstacle, such as a bunker or a mound, and have it land softly on the green. It requires a combination of technique, touch, and precision. Here's how to hit a flop shot


    Select the Right Club

    Use a club with a lot of loft, such as a lob wedge (typically 58-60 degrees). The high loft will help you get the ball up quickly and land it softly.

    Open Stance and Clubface

    Open your stance by aiming your body slightly left (for right-handed golfers) of the target. This helps you swing along the target line.

    Open the clubface by rotating it open, so the face points to the right of the target.

    Ball Position

    Place the ball forward in your stance, closer to your left foot (for right-handed golfers). This allows you to catch the ball on the upswing and achieve a high trajectory.


    Soft Hands and Light Grip

    Grip the club with light pressure to promote feel and touch. Keep your wrists relaxed throughout the swing.

    Wide Arc and Full Swing

    Swing the club back with a wide arc and a full, smooth motion. Your backswing should be longer than your follow-through.

    Open Clubface Through Impact

    As you swing down, maintain the open clubface position. The open face, loft, and high speed will help the ball pop up quickly.

    Accelerate and Brush the Grass

    Accelerate through the ball, brushing the grass underneath it with a shallow angle of attack. Do not try to scoop or lift the ball.

    Finish High

    Follow through with your swing, allowing your club to finish high and to the left of the target (for right-handed golfers).

Practice and Adjust


    Spend time on the practice range working on your flop shot technique. Experiment with different club selections and trajectories.

    Control Distance

    Adjust the length of your backswing to control the distance the ball travels. A shorter backswing will result in a shorter shot.

    Experiment with Loft and Lie

    Vary the amount of open clubface and stance to adjust the trajectory and spin of the shot.

    Master Green Reading

    Understand the green's slope and how it might affect the roll of the ball after the flop shot lands.

The flop shot requires practice and finesse. Start with shorter shots and gradually work your way up to longer distances. Be patient and focus on making clean contact with the ball. As you gain more confidence and experience, the flop shot can become a valuable tool in your short game arsenal.


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"How to Hit a Flop Shot"