Nail the hole with plenty of speed during your practice sessions to improve your alignment and start rolling in putts from everywhere with this tip from Top 100 Teacher Mitchell Spearman.



Improving your putting skills is crucial for lowering your scores in golf. Here are some drills and practice tips to help you become a more proficient putter

Distance Control Drill

Gate Drill

Place two tees or alignment sticks slightly wider than your putter head, forming a gate just in front of the hole.

Practice putting through the gate, focusing on starting the ball on your intended line and controlling its speed.

This drill helps improve your ability to consistently roll the ball the correct distance.

Alignment Drill

Coin Drill

Place a coin (such as a penny) about 2-3 feet in front of the ball on your putting line.

Aim to roll the ball over the coin as you putt toward the hole.

This drill enhances your alignment and helps you start the ball on your desired line.

Consistency Drill

Clock Drill

Set up tees in a circle around the hole at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions (like a clock face).

Start at one tee (e.g., 6 o'clock) and putt to the hole, then move to the next tee (e.g., 9 o'clock) and repeat.

This drill improves your ability to control distance and consistently make putts from different angles.

Breaking Putts Drill

Arc Putting

Place tees or alignment sticks on the ground to create an arc around the hole, representing the curve of a breaking putt.

Practice putting from various points along the arc, adjusting your aim to account for the break.

This drill helps you develop a feel for reading and making breaking putts.

Visualization Drill

Hole-Only Putting

Place several balls around the hole, all within a short distance.

Focus on making each putt while visualizing the ball going directly into the hole.

This drill improves your mental focus and helps build confidence in holing short putts.

Pressure Putting Drill

The 9-Put Drill

Place nine balls around the hole, each about 3 feet away.

Putt each ball in sequence, and if you miss one, start over from the beginning.

This drill simulates pressure situations and helps you build a routine for crucial putts.

Green Reading Drill

Tee-to-Tee Drill

Place tees or alignment sticks on the green, creating a straight line from your ball to the hole.

Practice hitting putts along the line, paying attention to your read and pace.

This drill improves your green reading and helps you trust your judgment.

Practice Routine

1-2-3 Drill

Putt from three different distances 1 foot, 2 feet, and 3 feet.

Aim to sink a specific number of putts consecutively from each distance before moving to the next.

This routine builds confidence and focus from short distances.

Consistent and deliberate practice is key to improving your putting. Incorporate these drills into your practice sessions and work on both your technique and mental approach. Focus on developing a smooth and repeatable stroke, accurate alignment, and confident visualization. Remember to stay patient and maintain a positive attitude, as improvement takes time and dedication.


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