Is There a Penalty for Hitting With the Backside of Club?

Is there a penalty for hitting your ball with the backside of a club?

In golf, intentionally hitting the ball with the backside (opposite side) of the club is not allowed and can result in a penalty. This action is often referred to as "playing from the wrong side of the club" or "playing from the backside." It falls under the rules of "striking the ball more than once" or "double hitting," which is covered by Rule 10 of the Rules of Golf.

According to Rule 10, if a player strikes the ball more than once during a single stroke, the player is deemed to have made a single stroke and there is no penalty. However, if the player intentionally hits the ball a second time during the same stroke, it is considered a double hit and a one-stroke penalty is incurred. The player must then proceed under penalty of stroke and distance, which means they will play the ball from where the previous stroke was made and add one stroke to their score.

It's worth noting that accidentally hitting the ball more than once during a stroke, such as when the clubhead bounces off the ground and contacts the ball again, is generally not penalized as long as it is not the result of an intentional attempt to hit the ball a second time.

As always, it's important to familiarize yourself with the current Rules of Golf and any updates that may have occurred. If you have any doubts or questions about the rules during a round of golf, it's best to seek clarification from a knowledgeable source or a rules official.


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"Is There a Penalty for Hitting With the Backside of Club?"