Our first hit of the Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons. Our equipment editor takes you through the technical specifications of the irons, and gives his opinion on how they look, feel and perform.



The FG Tour V4 irons feature characteristics that are often associated with players' irons:

Forged Construction

These irons are typically forged from high-quality carbon steel, which enhances feel and responsiveness. Forged irons are known for providing a softer feel at impact compared to cast irons.

Muscle Back Design

The V4 irons likely have a muscle back design, which is preferred by many skilled golfers for its workability and control. The muscle back design places more weight directly behind the sweet spot, allowing players to shape their shots more effectively.

Thin Topline and Compact Blade

The irons may have a thin topline and a compact blade profile. This appeals to better players who prefer a traditional and clean look at address.

Precision Control

These irons are designed to offer greater control over ball flight and trajectory, allowing skilled golfers to shape shots and control distance with more precision.

Progressive Set Design

It's common for players' iron sets to have a progressive design, where the characteristics of each club vary to optimize performance. Shorter irons may provide more control and spin, while longer irons offer more forgiveness and distance.

Customization Options

Golfers may have the option to customize aspects like shaft type, flex, and grip to suit their individual preferences and playing style.


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"Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons Review"