Watch as we test the all-new Cobra King Iron line and compare the data between the King MB, King CB and King Tour heads. Can’t pick a favorite? Well, Cobra specially designed this line so players can easily combine models into a flow set.


The Cobra King Irons are a new line of irons from Cobra Golf. They are designed to be a blend of forgiveness and performance, making them a good choice for golfers of all skill levels.

The King Irons feature a number of technologies that help to improve performance. These include:

A PWR-COR Technology that positions the center of gravity low and forward for increased ball speed and forgiveness.

A CNC Milled Face that creates a more consistent and responsive face.

A Tungsten Weighting that provides added forgiveness and stability.

The King Irons also have a number of features that make them look good at address. These include:

A Tour-inspired shape that is both sleek and traditional.

A Brushed Chrome finish that gives the irons a premium look.

The King Irons have been well-received by golfers and reviewers alike. They have been praised for their combination of forgiveness and performance, as well as their good looks.

Some of the pros of the Cobra King Irons include:

Forgiveness: The King Irons are very forgiving, making them a good choice for golfers who struggle with mishits.

Performance: The King Irons also offer good performance, with a combination of distance and control.

Looks: The King Irons look good at address, with a sleek and traditional shape.

Some of the cons of the Cobra King Irons include:

Price: The King Irons are not cheap, but they do offer a lot of performance for the price.

Feel: Some golfers have said that the King Irons feel a bit too soft for their liking.

Overall, the Cobra King Irons are a great choice for golfers who are looking for a forgiving and performance-oriented iron. They offer a good combination of distance, control, and looks.


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