How thinking positively can help improve your golf game.

Golf Positive Thinking Tips - Video Golf Lesson Summary

Generally speaking, you can’t bring yourself to not think about something. As soon as you tell yourself not to think about something this is instantly what you will think about. For example, if you are thinking “don’t slice the ball” then surely you will be thinking about slicing which will lead to you slicing the ball and precisely the thing you wanted to avoid doing in the first place.

So instead of focusing on “don’ts”, try focusing on positives. For example, instead of telling yourself “don’t hit it short” for an approach shot onto the hole, focus instead on hitting it past the hole. Don’t think about where you don’t want to send the ball but think instead of where you do want to send the ball.

When someone asks you to describe a given hole, you normally would highlight all the trouble area around the fairway and around the green. But rather you should really only describe where the fairway is and to recommend hitting it there. Otherwise, by simply pointing out the trouble areas you will yourself be thinking about them, which makes it difficult for you to thinking positively.

Thinking positively won’t result in great shots all of the time but at least you will give yourself a chance instead of anticipating bad shots.


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"The Importance of a Positive Mindset"