Use left-arm action to square up the face at impact and hit it flush.

How do I hit a golf ball with an Iron? How can I learn to strike my irons pure every time? How do I hit driver straight? How can I figure out what Im doing wrong when I hit a bad shot?

I'm here to tell you that there is no magic cure for your golf swing. There is no instant fix.

However, there is one thing that all good golfers seem to have. Thats an understanding of how to rotate properly. They don't just rely on their hand and eye coordination.

I'm acutely aware that you might not be able to rotate like a Bryson De Chambeau or a Rory Mcilroy but even making small improvements to the quality of your rotation can have a such a positive affect on your ability to strike you irons pure, hit driver straight and improve your overall consistency.

In this golf instruction video you will learn just two simple golf tips that should really help you to get started in improving your rotation in the golf swing.


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"How to Rotate for Straighter Golf Shots"