Arnold Palmer: Tiger Woods Lost His Way After Father Died

Arnold Palmer says that if Tiger Woods wants to turn things around on the golf course, he needs to return to the lessons his father taught him.

Arnold Palmer did say that Tiger Woods lost his way after his father, Earl Woods, died in 2006. Palmer made the comments in an interview with Golf Digest in 2013.

Palmer said that Woods was "a different person" after his father's death. He said that Woods lost his focus and his drive to win. Palmer also said that Woods made some bad decisions in his personal life, which also contributed to his decline.

Palmer's comments were controversial at the time, but they have since been echoed by others who have observed Woods' career. Some people believe that Woods' father was a stabilizing force in his life, and that his death left Woods without a rudder. Others believe that Woods' personal problems were more to blame for his decline.

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that Woods' career has not been the same since his father's death. He has won only two major championships since 2008, and he has struggled with injuries and inconsistency.

It is possible that Woods will be able to regain his former greatness, but it will be a challenge. He will need to find a way to focus and to stay motivated. He will also need to make some changes in his personal life.


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"Arnold Palmer: Tiger Woods Lost His Way After Father Died"