Elena Donovan Mauer

Wake up More Beautiful: 5 Bedtime Beauty Tips

The past few weeks, I've written about a bunch of common beauty mistakes we make -- in the morning, in the shower, with our makeup and throughout the day. And now here's my last post in this beauty tips series, taking you -- appropriately -- to the end of the day. Here's what to do every night to ensure you wake up beautiful.

Bedtime Beauty Tip No. 1: Always wash up

I'm guilty of skipping this step -- and I've got to stop! Sweat, dirt, makeup, the day's grimeys … all of that sits on our face at night, clogging our pores and aging our skin. So use a gentle facial cleanser and lukewarm water before going to bed, and follow up with a mild toner. (I will too. Pinky swear.)

Bedtime Beauty Tip No. 2: Never sleep with your hair in a ponytail

No matter how exhausted you are, it's important not to leave your hair elastics in, because they can cause breakage. If you want to avoid morning tangles, try sleeping on a satin pillowcase. It's easier on both your hair and your face.

Bedtime Beauty Tip No. 3: Brush and floss every night

If you skip the dental care at night, you're not just in for a huge lecture at your next dental cleaning; you might actually be making yourself look older too. Brushing removes stains between and around your teeth, and you've got to floss too: Poor gum care can cause your gums to recede, making your teeth look longer -- and you older!

Bedtime Beauty Tip No. 4: Let your feet breathe

Keeping your feet in socks may keep them feeling toasty, but it also creates a moist environment where foot fungus can breed. Yikes!

Bedtime Beauty Tip No. 5: Get your beauty sleep

I know you really want to stay up to catch "Chelsea Lately" tonight, but beauty sleep is no myth. Your skin needs time to heal and restore and get its glow back on.

Photo: @iStockphoto.com/chrisgramly