Carey Moss

As the seasons change, your wardrobe needs to as well. Switching up your closet is a cyclical calendar event, but it doesn’t have to be a painful or labor-intensive process.

Lately, in fact, the entire ritual is becoming less of a hassle. “Dressing these days is so seasonless,” says Lilah Nicolaidis, style editor for the women’s lifestyle website “This makes it so much easier to transition your wardrobe from warm to cooler weather.”

Follow these few simple guidelines (and ensure that your winter coat is cleaned and in good shape) and you’ll be dressed to impress all season long.

Stick With Staples

Jeans, cardigans, button-down shirts and T-shirts are wardrobe must-haves -- all year round. Keep those accessible at all times, as they’re perfect for layering when the weather can still be unpredictable.

Alter Accessories

“Personally, I think the most important seasonal switch comes with your accessories,” says Nicolaidis. “Clear out your sandals to make room for boots and store your lightweight totes in favor of more durable leather handbags.” And be sure to check if any of your boots need a trip to the shoe repair shop to be resoled or cleaned up before the snow hits.

Say Hello to Hosiery

Nicolaidis loves using tights to instantly update any look for fall and winter. Her favorites include textured lace and wool varieties. Over-the-knee socks, which were spotted all over the runways, can also add warmth to any outfit.

Love Layering

From lightweight cashmere cardigans to tissue-thin, long-sleeved T-shirts, adding simple and stylish pieces to any outfit keeps the season chills at bay. Nicolaidis recommends keeping most of your sundresses and skirts handy since you can wear them with sweaters, long-sleeved tees, boots and heavy tights.

Don’t Ditch the Shorts

“As long as they are made of a substantial fabric like twill or denim, there’s no need to abandon your shorts when summer ends,” says Nicolaidis. Longer lengths work best for the office. Pair them with a cardigan and crisp button-down shirt.

Say Goodbye to Damaged Pieces

“A good rule is to toss anything with holes in it and replace those items as necessary,” says Nicolaidis. There’s no reason to take up valuable space with items that would look ratty and unprofessional. Make a donate pile and a pitch pile. Hold on to anything that is well-made and fits properly; you may want to pull it out again next season.

Carey Moss is a Los Angeles-based beauty and fashion writer