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Find Jeans That Fit -- and Flatter

Open my closet and you'll find at least 20 pairs of jeans. Light, dark, cropped, boot-cut, skinny -- they're all there. I've been blessed with workplaces where wearing denim was a-OK, and just like most Americans, I live in jeans over the weekend. So to me, finding a great pair is really worth some extra effort.

Unfortunately, a lot of women really struggle to find jeans they love. I used to too. But here are some tricks I've picked up that make the process of searching for the perfect jeans so much easier:


Yes, it seems a little crazy to spend a huge amount of money on a casual item of clothing. But designer jeans tend to have just the right amount of stretch to hug the right curves and, well, make your butt look good. They also don't tend to feel stiff the way lower-priced jeans usually do after a few washings. If you're afraid to drop a large sum of cash, be sure to look for sales at the end of the season. Also, designer discount sites like Bluefly.com, Gilt.com and Ideeli.com often sell high-end jeans at lower prices.

Seek variety

If you have a hard time finding jeans you like, you're going to have to block out some major time for denim shopping. Head to a store with lots of variety. I'm talking one of those Levi's stores with a bunch of different fits and lengths, or a denim specialty shop or department store that carries various designers. Try on everything you can, even if it's something you expect not to look great on you. You're likely to have a happy surprise.

Go timeless

Jean fads come and go, but ultimately you need to choose the type of jeans that look good on you. Luckily, a straight leg is classic and looks good on just about every body type. If a certain style is new and hot, it doesn't mean it's right for you.

Be willing to alter

If you're really tall, you're going to have to seek out designers and brands that make pairs with long inseams. If you're short like me, look first at how the jean fits, then look at the length and remember that it can be altered. If you're trying to choose between a pair with an awesome fit and one with the right length, choose fit every time. That's because, contrary to popular belief, jeans can be hemmed. A good tailor will remove the bottom of your jeans and reattach it farther up in a way that no one will notice, so you don't have that “hemmed” look. And you'll have the exact length of jeans you want.






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Find Jeans That Fit -- and Flatter