Stephanie Daga

Gradual -- and Safe -- Way to Get a Golden Glow

It's almost -- almost -- short skirt season. Before you know it, you will be able to pack away the leggings, the tights and the heavy wool coat, and unpack your sexy tank tops, flirty skirts, and – gasp -- the bikini.

The one thing that makes this transition a little bit harder is going from hiding winter white skin under clothing to revealing it once the temperatures rise. After all, nobody wants to prance around in their cute summer outfits with pale cheeks and legs.

Here are a few tips for gradually getting your glow on before your summer holidays go full throttle.

1. Exfoliate, shave, moisturize

The best way to build a tan is to start with a self-tanner -- a much safer and healthier option than fake 'n' baking at the local tanning salon. That said, before you apply any self-tanner you need to prep your skin. Start by shaving your legs and underarms so that your tanner doesn't streak against unwanted hair. Then exfoliate -- not just your face but all over! Lastly, moisturize. Apply a liberal dose of moisturizer and give the product some time to be fully absorbed by the skin.

2. Layer it on, slowly

No one is going to believe that you went from pale and frosty to deep and dark in 24 hours, especially when summer hasn't yet arrived. Most self-tanners adjust or gradually deepen throughout the day so the last thing you want to do is apply it with a heavy hand. Instead, apply self-tanner in light layers, going a bit deeper with every layer and spacing your layer application a few days apart. It's the easiest way to trick people into thinking that you've been spending everyday out in the sun, without risking the sun damage.

3. A touch of color

Don't overdo your makeup. Play up your newly applied tan with a bit of bronzer, highlighter and blush. Let your natural skin shine through by avoiding foundation (your new tan will hide most imperfections) and bronzing the high points of the face (the forehead, the center of the nose, the lower cheekbone). Apply a bit of strategic highlighter to the brow bone and eyes and a pinch of pink to the cheeks. Mascara, lip gloss -- you're good to go!






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Gradual -- and Safe -- Way to Get a Golden Glow