Sherrie Mathieson

The Well-balanced Fashion Diet

Should we be on a "style" diet? The more I think about it, the more correlations I see between healthful eating and great style. Our relationships with food and fashion seem to be amazingly aligned!


Bling (meaningless flash) = sugar (empty calories)

We seem to be drawn to items that sparkle and shine, but are they the answer to the "health" of our wardrobe? Lately I feel "overweight" just looking at all the overly embellished goods filling our stores. Look out for "fattening" bling this holiday season.

Great classics (wardrobe musts) = excellent ingredients (basic nutrition)

Search out "the classics" in the latest cut to create the core of a healthy wardrobe. Consider them the essential nutrients you need to build on.

Better fabrics (durable garments) = sustainable agriculture (protected food supply)

Pure and organic are wonderful criteria for both fabric and food. Quality is an important component of how we dress and what we consume. The higher the quality, the less we need to waste.

The "art of the mix" (visual excitement and "wow") = the skill of the cook (spices and culinary imagination)

The ability to make something "your own" requires sensitivity, a sense of balance, appreciation of color and the ability to identify the personality of your ingredients. That holds true whether you're dressing for a party or whipping up a souffle.

Less closet clutter = a wholesome pantry

Allowing for less "just stuff" and restricting what you buy to classic pieces, pantry staples and high-quality seasonal items (think natural fabrics and farmer's market produce) lets you simplify both your style efforts and your meal preparation. Skip overly processed foods and poorly made synthetic garments to be sure that whatever you consume or put against your skin will enhance your well-being.

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Sherrie Mathieson has worked extensively as a film and television costume designer and stylist. Now a style consultant, she has shared her expertise on "The View," the "Today" show and CBS's "The Early Show," and she is the author of the style guidebooks Forever Cool and Steal This Style.

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