Amber Katz

The secret to hairstyle success lies not only in your ability to go from day to night in a flash, but also in your talent for preserving last night’s wilting style and morphing it into this morning’s ready-to-go 'do. Plus, you can feel uber-virtuous knowing that too much styling can damage your hair and cause color to fade more quickly. Who needs that? Certainly not you. Here, easy-to-implement tips on keeping your hairstyle fresh for the day after.

Spritz on Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is the MVP in a busy gal's product lineup. It infuses hair with volume and hides roots that are overdue for both a wash and a coloring session. Dark-haired beauties should look into a formula that's colored so roots don't look lighter than the rest of the mane. Always make sure to comb the product through before styling your hair.

Camouflage With a Braid

Mini braids or twists were a favorite of the girls on Sex and the City a couple of seasons back, but they remain an excellent way to mask oily roots or frizz around the hairline. Because you can control how tight they are (the frizzier the hair, the tighter the braid or twist should be), they can clean up your hairline, leaving free-flowing bohemian strands in the background for a hippie-chic effect.

Channel the Jersey Shore

A mini-Snooki, or slight front-pouf, gives lank locks volume while disguising how not refreshed your hair may be. Secure the pouf with bobby pins applied in the shape of an "X" on the top of the head. Think of it as a second-day, Kim Kardashian faux-hawk. It's not intended to boast the dramatic effect of the evening faux-hawk, but it does provide the same lift with a portion of the sexiness.

Try a Top-knot

A top-knot is elegant only when it's paired with a more formal outfit and either a bold eye or a bold lip. This look is simple, but it can be tricky. You'll have to compensate your lack of hair-effort with more of an undertaking elsewhere. If you don't feel ready to participate from a sartorial or makeup standpoint thanks to those cocktails you had last night, it may be a better bet to stick with a previously mentioned hairstyle.

Amber Katz is the founder and editor of Beauty Blogging Junkie, a pop-culture infused beauty blog. She contributes regularly to the New York Press and Girlfriend Getaways about must-have hair and beauty products.