Dana Wagner

Hot Looks for Date Night

From simply gorgeous to va-va-voom glamour, these three looks are romance-ready.

Here, simple steps to getting your big-night makeup absolutely perfect, so you can concentrate on the date instead of the prep.

Start With Simplicity

“This isn’t about thunder-stealing makeup; it’s all about playing up your natural, glowing beauty, which is probably what caught his eye in the first place,” says makeup artist Greg Clarke.

Prep step: Moisturize skin.

Smooth a lightweight concealer over any inconstancies. Curl your lashes and give them a light coating of mascara. Note: Curling first helps define the eye, enlarging it without the fussiness of shadows and liners.

Get glowing:

Dust translucent powder over your T-zone to make skin look un-fussed. Using a fluffy brush, apply a sheer cream bronzer across cheeks and other high points for a natural glow. Note: Oilier types should stick to powder formulas.

The finishing touch:

Apply lip gloss a shade darker than normal with your finger to leave a natural, supple-looking mouth. “It’s easy-peasey, but unfailingly beautiful,” says Clarke.

Sleek and Chic

“Bump up your basic makeup with a more dramatic lip -- the effect is effortlessly glamorous, but not overdone,” says Clarke.

Prep step:

Moisturize skin. Smooth a lightweight concealer over any inconstancies. Apply translucent powder over the T-zone.

Go golden:

Dust eyelids with a sheer, neutral-colored shadow. Keep it soft, or it will compete with your highlighted lips, warns Clarke. Swipe on two coats of mascara. Sweep a peach-infused blush across the apples of your cheek. Application tip: Apply to front area of the cheek only. Don’t extend past the end of the cheekbone, says Clarke. (Use the pupil of your eye as a guide for perfect placement.)

The finishing touch:

Apply a rich, classic red lipstick (or a trendy hot pink if you’re feeling more daring). Slick on several layers for more impact.

Glamour Girl

If it’s drama you’re after, sultry eyes really cut to the chase -- just remember that a strong eye and a strong lip are tough to pull off, even for the pros,” says Clark.

Prep step:

Moisturize skin. Smooth a lightweight concealer over any inconstancies, and dust a translucent powder over the T-zone. Create a more flawless canvas with a seamless application of your favorite foundation.

Layer it on:

Smoke it up with a deep hue on lids. Pick your favorite: navy, slate or chocolate, or try an unexpected muted purple. Rim the eyes with a coordinating shade and use a cotton swab to smudge the lines. Burnish the edges with a soft brush. Apply three coats of volumizing mascara.

The finishing touch:

Slick on a soft, shimmering lipstick in a neutral color to balance the look.

Photo Credit: @iStockphoto.com/cokacoka


Dana Wagner has held positions at Vogue and Gotham, and she is the fashion and beauty director of Bridal Guide magazine.