Nicole Lombardi

Create Flawless Skin With Concealer

Under-eye shadows, redness and breakouts plague us all from time to time.

Fortunately, these minor flaws can be covered up with concealer -- but the trick is to use the right kind and apply it the right way.

Celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose shares his best tips on concealer basics. "Every girl should have two concealers: one for under her eyes, and another to hide blemishes."

Choose the Right Concealer for the Job

The skin under your eye is the most delicate, so a liquid formula is the best choice since it glides on easily with no pulling or tugging. Cover dark circles with a color that’s one shade lighter than your foundation or overall skin color, sticking with a similar tone. "I prefer a liquid that comes in a tube or a pen," says Barose, who keeps both MAC Select Cover-up and Clarins Instant Light Brush-on Perfector stocked in his makeup kit.

For blemishes, pimples, redness and sun spots, opt for a matte cream concealer in the same shade as your foundation. "It should have the consistency of a chocolate bar," recommends Barose. "It’s hard when you touch it, but once it hits your fingers, it melts into your skin."

You’ll get the most coverage from formulas you find in a pot, pan or stick. These heavier consistencies are best for dry or dark pigmented skin. Cover Girl CG Smoothers Concealer is heavy enough to banish imperfections, but conditioning enough so it won’t cake while applying.

Cover up Any Imperfections

"I always put concealer on after foundation," says Barose. After you apply a sheer layer of foundation, you’ll realize you don’t need as much as you originally thought.

A medium-size concealer brush is perfect for the entire area around your eyes, while a smaller one is better for pimples and brown spots. "When you use your fingers, you could deposit too much product," says Barose. When covering under-eye shadows, "Tilt your head down a little bit when looking in the mirror," suggests Barose. "See where the shadow falls, and that’s where you want to brighten up." For long-lasting coverage, be sure to set your concealer with translucent powder. A little goes a long way, so apply a dusting with a large, fluffy powder brush.

Nicole Lombardi is a beauty expert who has written for Redbook, Woman’s Day and Life & Style. She also makes frequent TV appearances.

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