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Whether you switched from blond to brunette, vice versa or over to red, anytime you make a dramatic hair color change, your makeup needs a makeover too. That bold palette of bright colors you collected while you were dark may be overwhelming if you went lighter. By the same token, wearing nude lipstick and pale pink blush with deep brunette hair can wash you out.

Read on for tips on how to look gorgeous with any hair color from Emily Warren, a New York City-based professional makeup artist and hair stylist whose work has appeared in print, television and film.

A Smart Foundation

You get a break here: Warren says you don't need to invest in a new foundation, because it should match the natural shade of your skin and doesn't need to change with your hair color.

On the Dark Side

If you go darker, opt for blushes, bronzers and lipsticks with much richer tones. "Wear reds and corals on your lips and deep pinks on your cheeks," she suggests. Your eye makeup can be daring as well, because a deep smoky eye plays well off the darker backdrop of brunette hair.

Lightening up

When you lighten your hair, Warren recommends switching your makeup to neutrals and adding a blush with a shimmer or sheen. Experiment with pale pinks and nude lipsticks to find the right hue to accent your new lighter palette. On your eyes, consider a peach or beige with a little shimmer and line your eyes with a deep taupe or light brown.

Radiant Reds

"I think redheads can wear any makeup color beautifully," says Warren. One of her favorite picks for redheads is red lipstick, but if that's too bold for your taste, choose pinky-brown tones or corals for your lips -- these shades warm up cheeks too. To make your eyes pop, use a warm brown or taupe eye shadow. Top with blue, green or purple liner for a trendy look this fall season.


Hope DeAngelis Schmid has written for many websites, including DailyMakeover.com, Sephora's Beauty and the Blog, Glamour's beauty blog Girls in the Beauty Department and TheDCLadies.com. She is the co-founder of the popular travel website, TheJetSetGirls.blogspot.com.

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