by Lauren Fischer

Amanda Peet's Beauty Secrets
Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet may be as well-known for her radiant skin and flawless bright smile as she is for her diverse roles in movies -- from "Identity" to "2012" -- and her starring role as a mom. As someone in the spotlight, Peet has picked up some handy tips that keep her looking her most beautiful.

Here, she shares some of her favorites for getting noticed and always feeling gorgeous.

1. "On set, when it is important to call attention to my smile, the makeup artist will often choose a red or dark lip color with a blue undertone, allowing my teeth to look even whiter."

2. "A little lip gloss goes a long way! I make it a point to sneak some on before photos on the red carpet to make sure I look polished in every shot."

3. "Pick a feature and stick with it. If you go with a bold lip color to enhance your smile, then tone down your eye makeup. If you go with the eyes, then go nude with your lips. No matter which one you choose, a brilliant white smile goes with both!"

4. "A makeup artist once shared this tip with me: When attempting to keep your smile white, try drinking soda or coffee with a straw to avoid direct contact with the teeth."

5. "I am constantly on the go, so I always make sure to carry my favorite beauty products with me in case I’m in a bind!"

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Amanda Peet's Best Beauty Secrets - Celebrity Beauty Tips