Help Your Family Get Active!

by Francesca Velasquez

After a long winter, my kids have become used to staying inside. Are there any outdoor actividades to get the entire familia moving again?

Relaxing at home with la familia is tempting. But increasing outdoor playtime is a must for everyone's health.

Here are some fun ways to get moving.

Plant a vegetable patch.

Creating a garden, even a simple one, is one of the best ways to learn about environmental sustainability. It is also an opportunity for parents and kids to work together as a team as they care for seedlings during the maturation process.

Go fruit-picking

Visit a pick-your-own-fruit farm market that offers seasonal produce, such as strawberries, blueberries and cherries. Then let the creative fun continue at home by creating a dish using each of the fruits or vegetables you picked.

Take night hikes

Everyone knows they can hike or camp at one of our many national parks. But what about exploring wildlife and habitats after the sun sets? Ask your local nature center about organized noche trips for the family.

Family Life: Help Your Family Get Active!