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Year after year, most of us tend to decorate for the holidays the same old way -- but we don’t have to.

While the elements may remain the same, you can still use them to adorn your house in new ways.

Here, Matthew Mead, creator of HolidayWithMatthewMead.com  , and Jill Kirchner Simpson, home decor expert and co-author of The Language of Interior Design, offer a few new ideas for decking your halls this year.

Put Ornaments on a Pedestal

It’s hard to admire a vintage glass ornament when it’s at the top of the tree. Place particularly special or ornate ornaments atop candlesticks, attaching them with candle adhesive if necessary. Place on your mantel or holiday table.

Brighten Your Gift Boxes

Instead of draping twinkling lights around your Christmas tree, wrap them around a stack of two or three gift-wrapped boxes and plug them in. Opt for small LED lights, which emit less heat than other types.

Branch out

Just because your tree stays in place doesn’t mean your ornaments have to do the same. Kirchner Simpson recommends hanging them on unexpected objects such as doorknobs, kitchen cabinet handles, sconces, curtain rods or a wrought iron headboard. You can also scatter ornaments or decorations on bookshelves. If you’ve accumulated numerous Christmas stockings over the years, hang your extras from the banister, the back of the bathroom door or another surprise spot.

Make Poinsettias Pop

Use your single-color round ornaments to give potted poinsettias an extra sparkle. Cover the dirt at the base with gold and red ones -- or whatever color strikes your fancy.

Go for Glitter

Using a glitter pen, write the name of each guest at your holiday table on a glass ball and hang from the back of the dining chairs with ribbon. “It’s a way to make the table more engaging,” says Mead. An ornament can do double duty as a place card as well, says Kirchner Simpson. Write each guest’s name with a metallic silver pen and place the ornament on a napkin in the center of the dinner plate.

Let Your Centerpiece Shine

Why overthink it? Fill a long platter with a variety of ornaments and encircle it with candles. Light from the candles will reflect off the spheres and make an eye-catching centerpiece.

Refresh Your Wreath

If you want to highlight your family’s most beloved ornaments, wire them carefully to the fresh wreath you hang on your fireplace. After the holiday, detach and save them to deck your halls in a new festive way next year.


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