Girl World Daily

Take our quiz to find out if you’re the ultimate environmentalist or if you think green is nothing other than a color!

1. You and the girls meet up at the park for a brown-bag picnic. When it’s time to toss your trash, you …

a. Dump everything in one can, ignoring the recycling bins.

b. Carefully sort each item into its proper disposal bin.

c. Don’t have any trash. Everything you pack your lunch in is reusable.

2. When it comes time to rack up community service hours, what cause are you most likely to choose?

a. Manicures for nursing home residents: Senior citizens need to be pampered too!

b. A local cleanup project.

c. Planting sustainable community gardens complete with rainwater collectors. Dig?

3. Saturday, the best day of the week! How do you and your buds spend it?

a. Duh, you hit the mall. What else?                  

b. You and your BFF ride bikes around town, checking out boutiques.

c. Sending baby turtles off to sea. Adorable and eco-conscious!

4. You and your BFF are taking a stroll. She’s snackin’ on some corn chips, and when finished, she ditches the wrapper on the ground. How do you react?

a. Who cares?

b. You shoot her a “mom look,” pick it up and put it in the next can you see.

c. This would never happen. Your BFF wouldn’t dare litter in front of you!

5. Earth Day is months away, but how do you plan to celebrate?

a. Celebrate what?

b. You’ll make a small contribution to the World Wildlife Fund.

c. You plan to protest outside a factory known for emitting hazardous materials.

Mostly A’s: Couldn’t Care Less

You could use a lesson in eco-consciousness! Start small, by recycling or by purchasing products that are kinder to the Earth. You’ll feel good knowing you’re doing a little something every day.

Mostly B’s: Cool and Conscientious

You’re aware of how you treat Mother Earth, but you could step up your green game. Try minding your personal carbon footprint and making environmentally friendly food and beauty product choices.

Mostly C’s: Earth Angel

All you see is green, girl! You have much respect for the world around you and realize future generations depend on us to keep the planet in good shape. It’s the only one we have after all!