Creating Good Sleeping Practices for Teens

by Milvian Prieto

Trying to get your teen to sleep has never been more challenging with smartphones and gadgets distracting. Here are some ways to help create a more productive and rewarding sleep pattern to make sure they get the best possible start to their day.

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for the human body, but especially for teens, as the mind and body is still developing.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night to function best. However, most teens do not get enough sleep which may be harmful for them. Lack of sleep can affect your teen's mood, appearance and social and academic performance.

Helpful Tips for your teen to get a better night's sleep

Set an alarm at night

Teens sometimes have busy evenings filled with homework, house duties and extracurricular activities. If your teen is swamped and knows they have an early day ahead of them, it may be best to set an alarm to get ready for a good night's sleep. This may mean getting home from basketball practice at 6 p.m., coming home, eating dinner and finishing up a class project. But once the alarm rings at 9 p.m, it's time to wrap up the long day and freshen up for the morning ahead.

Create an ideal sleep atmosphere

Whether your teen prefers to sleep in a pitch black room or with a night light by their bed, have them create an atmosphere that will help them easily go to sleep. This may include having an app that plays relaxing music, shutting your curtains and closing your bedroom door and having plenty of blankets to ensure your comfortable and ready to go to sleep.

Put your phone down

Teens are very much addicted to their smartphones. Their screens lighting up the dark room in the wee hours of the night hinders them from achieving a full night of rest. A helpful way to prevent your teen from being distracted is to place their phone far away from the bed or nightstand. This means placing it on the other side of the room so they won't constantly check their phones while trying to go to sleep. Also, when their alarm rings the following morning, they will be forced to get out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button.

A good night's sleep is a key to success in your teen's personal or academic life. Have your teen take in these tips the next time they're having trouble sleeping.


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"Creating Good Sleeping Practices for Teens"