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Of the thousands of top employment professionals I've interviewed over the years, a countless number once worked for MRINetwork. Help from career professionals with real world experience is welcomed. Here's the MRINetwork tip sheet.

Update Your Resume

Review and strengthen your resume in the mind-set of "What did I actually achieve in each position?" or "How did that add value to the company?" If possible, quantify achievements in dollars, percentages or timelines.

Expand Your Contact List

Join and participate in a couple of industry associations. Make sure to gather business cards and follow up by phone or e-mail with new contacts.

Make Sure You Are Findable

Ensure that employers and recruiters can find you on social networking Web sites such as LinkedIn and on job boards, including and

Check Your Credit Score

Make sure your credit score is up to par, as more and more companies are checking this during the hiring process.


Ask yourself "What's important to me in a new job opportunity?" as you plan your next career move. Factor in type of work, industry, compensation, location, environment and size of company.

Improve Your Networking Skills

Professionally network with as many people as possible by contacting current friends and acquaintances, reconnecting with former colleagues and bosses, joining social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and attending social gatherings in your business community, including free seminars and Chamber of Commerce functions.

Improve Your Physical Health

Get yourself into the best physical health possible and "fluff up" your image. Eating healthy, getting plenty of rest and fitting some exercise into your routine is important so that you present the best in body, mind and spirit. If you're unemployed, you could be a bit bored, feeling lost and even depressed, and if you're employed, you could very easily be overworked, tired and stressed out.

Search For Recruiters

Research and contact recruiters specializing in your industry of interest. If you're currently employed, send an updated resume with a cover letter expressing that you are not unhappy with your job but would like to be considered for good job opportunities.

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