By Joyce Lain Kennedy

DEAR JOYCE: I received a new smart phone for my 35th birthday. It has amazing features for all kinds of stuff, but I would like to know if you think mobile job hunting is the next big thing in finding work, or is it a waste of effort? -- D.L.E.

The time of mobile is nearly here. The first thing to remember is the big difference between smart phones and cell phones: Smart phones are Web-enabled and cell phones aren't. You can use both kinds of phones in a mobile job search, but you need a smart phone to browse websites and send and receive e-mail.

Tablets -- also called tablet PCs or tablet computers -- are larger than smart phones but smaller than laptop computers. They can do everything the phones can do and more. Both types of mobile devices are gaining acceptance in the job market from job seekers and recruiters alike.

Types of jobs for mobile search

Mobile job search is one of the waves of the future. But mobile search hydrates best for new graduates and those seeking high-turnover positions, such as administrative and retail sales staff. Candidates for executive, managerial and professional jobs are, as a rule, subject to more robust vetting than current mobile quick-search norms provide.

Basic mobile search technique

Here's a synopsis of how mobile job search works on a smart phone:

-- Prepare for action by posting your resume online, either on your own website or on a free Web-hosting site; many free sites suitable for resume hosting are listed online -- read the fine print on each. To be notified of job postings for the type of job you want, set up job alerts (RSS feeds) on job search engines (for example: and, job boards (,, and and company websites.

-- When a job lead shows up on your phone and appears to be a match for you, get out in front of your competition by jumping on it.

Mobile search made simple

The free Google Docs feature of the Google suite for mobile phones provides several attractive features, including free Web hosting for all your resumes -- customized versions and a generic version. But don't expect to do serious, large-scale editing from your mobile device, especially one without a mouse-type pointer function. Editing is painstaking work and a tar pit for errors, especially when using miniature keyboards. Save the heavy-duty customizing for your regular desktop or laptop computer. Get the details on the Google Docs feature by using your smart phone to visit this site:

Apps and mobility

If you have a smart phone, you know what an "app" is -- a convenient little software program that, with a tap on your touch screen, delivers requested data to your mobile device, including job search connectivity. Job search apps are free or inexpensive, and they're coming out faster than wildflowers after a spring rain. They have acquired both fans and critics, so sample a few before putting all your hope-eggs in one basket. Check professional evaluations of specific apps by visiting PC magazine ( and Mashable (

The ultimate mobile search

Mobile search is seductive: Among its attractions: You can monitor the job market in otherwise down time -- on the train, in the doctor's office, waiting to pick up your kid from school. Even if learning about portable job hunting isn't on your immediate agenda, it's a good idea to investigate the key concepts. Who knows what technological wizardry may emerge next?

Here's what one online visionary forecasts: "Pretty soon you'll be able to apply for a job with your mobile, get an instant phone call from the recruiter, and switch it to a live video feed for an instant interview." No? Stranger things have happened.

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