One of Versace's newest t-shirts for Spring 2015 shockingly resembles an American Apparel t-shirt designed by LA artist, Kesh. Kesh isn't taking this lightly, and she's planning on taking Versace straight to court. Did Versace actually copy Kesh x American Apparel? See what you think here!


Every once in awhile we see big fashion houses copying smaller, emerging designers. But usually, these situations don't cause a widespread uproar in the social media world. However, in this case, the public is REALLY taking a stand! Recently, an image of a tee shirt from Versace's latest collection went viral, due to its similarity to a design that Los Angeles based artist, Kesh, had created in collaboration with American Apparel back in 2013. Kesh's capsule collection featured this black and white graphic tee, called "face le New", which was popular among stars like Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne.

Enter Versace's spring 2015 collection, which just appeared on Selfridges website, where the Medusa tee is now shoppable for $650. The Medusa tee is shockingly similar to Kesh's Face Le New Tea, with the exception of Versace's trademark Greek key pattern at the top and bottom of the shirt. The Medusa tee's description reads that its quote "featuring Medusa's head printed on the front." Which the world is finding very troubling, since that head was meant to be a self portrait on Kesh's original version. (which by the way, Kesh's tee was sold on American Apparel for only $30)

On an Instagram post next to Versace's version of the tee, Kesh said quote "Versace rip off. Sold out in three sizes. What is this madness? Why can't these companies, these brands, these people create their own work? Why do these people think that everything that they lay their eyes on instantly belongs to them? AT least make it better than the $30 original. This looks like a first draft."

According to a release, Kesh plans to take Versace to court over this copy cat situation, and is quote "absolutely going to sue. "As of yet, Versace has made no comment.

Business: "Versace Faces Lawsuit Over American Apparel Knockoff"